Chahat imagines that the top of the pot has not been covered appropriately, she is going to contact it when Baleq calls her from behind at which she clarifies that she has educated him previously, he is sorry referencing that his tongue slipped and botches are made by the relatives, he is going to open it when Neel shuts the top shouting that there isn’t any Parshad in the pot, Bopho shouts that it is loaded up with his grimy garments as the overseers of the mandir have left the genuine pot in the pastry kitchen, the two of them take the pot and begin strolling when Baleq considers what they are talking identifying with the Parshad.

Chahat shouts that she feels her dad is truly near her as she is feeling this in her heart, Neel makes reference to that this is only her own idea, Chahat concurs saying that if her dad

approached her at that point would have not left without meeting her, Neel is going to come clean with Chahat however observing Baleq requests that her return inside while he carries the Parshad with Bopho. Chahat demands that she has something critical to examine with him anyway he leaves with Dr Baig in the pot, Chahat in the wake of seeing Baleq with outrage runs back inside.

Neel attempts to wake Dr Baig when they reach back and afterward requesting Bopho to bring the emergency treatment box, Dr Baig drives him away, Neel hits he closet which incenses Bopho who requests why Dr Baig pushed him in any event, when he is thinking about him, Neel stops him shouting that Misses Baig has planned something for him and now he doesnot understand what he is doing, Bopho is still truly disappointed at which Neel shouts that they can’t utter a word since, supposing that they get rowdy with him then it would be against the lessons of his sister who instructed him to think about others.

Toward the beginning of the day Neel sits before Chahat while she is dozing, he considers how appalling she is looking while at the same time dozing, he at that point amends her face and even eliminates the hair, at that point sits back observing her, she is going to consume her hand yet he gets the hand and damages his own hand simultaneously, when he understands he has a go at lifting then hand anyway can’t yet when it becomes unendurable he cries, Chahat promptly awakens asking what has occurred and for what reason did he consume his own hands just to spare her, he shouts that her hands are that off a specialist so they need to approve while his hands are those off a cook so it’s anything but a matter of concern, anyway Chahat declines at that point brings the balm for his hands, she asks where he had gone hearing which he gets anxious.

Viyas jee is seeing the adolescence photographs of Neel and Saraswati then feels that in the wake of seeing so numerous photographs he came to understand that he was not so much as a piece of them since he didn’t have the opportunity so Neel is valid in saying that he was unable to turn into a decent dad yet now he would address his slip-up and ensure that the fantasy of Neel for turning into a gourmet expert is satisfied.

Neel specifies that he was with Bopho the earlier night since he clarified how the dad was sick, Chahat asks for what reason did he not call her since she might have played out any sort of clinical help, anyway Neel asks what significant issue did she need to talk about, Chahat brings the watch clarifying that she discovered it hooked in the sarree which she wore when they got Ramavtar and it has a place with her dad, Neel gets stunned hearing this.

Chahat further clarifies that this infers that her dad was in the manufacturing plant the evening of the occurrence, Neel recollects how Dr Baig shouted that he was the one to do the medical procedure and this would mean Dr Baig undoubtedly spared his life.

Neel strolls towards the finish of the room, Chahat argues clarifying how she wants that they discover her dad, he guarantees her that he would without a doubt discover him ,she causes him to swear that he would not mischief him, Neel turns referencing that he has guaranteed her that her dad would get an opportunity to clarify what had occurred before he renders the retribution, he asks in the event that she believes him at which she clarifies that she confides in him all the more then herself. They are talking when Viyas jee comes inquiring as to whether she isn’t occupied, Chahat concurs yet requires some an ideal opportunity to spruce up.

Viyas jee is with Awasthi jee in his processing plant disclosing that he wants to purchase a bit of his plant for his child’s cooking show, Chahat shouts that she realizes he cares very much for Neel and any child would be happy to have a dad like him, Viyas jee shouts that he is happy to have a girl like her since she ahs given him the solidarity to conquer every one of those cravings.

Neel is attempting to cause Dr Baig to eat however he declines to and afterward takes a stab at strolling yet in the endeavor pushes a few jugs of aroma, Neel asks for what reason does Bopho have them, he takes it off on his shirt, at that point while picking them puts his portable on the bed, Dr Baig sees the photograph of Chahat and he picks the versatile, Neel makes reference to that she is his girl and on the off chance that he wants to meet her, at that point ought to eat, Neel can cause him to eat the remainder of the food.

Awasthi Jee shows the whole plant to Chahat who is disheartened as she couldn’t discover any hint, at that point Awasthi jee comes shouting that she ought to educate him about what part she needs as he has no issue and afterward he would arrange the overseer to make the courses of action, Chahat gets flabbergasted so asks where the guardian dwells and is astounded to realize that he lives just next to the processing plant, Chahat leaves clarifying that she would likewise observe the industrial facility with him yet she is stunned to see that his home is bolted, Chahat gets some information about him from his neighbor who clarifies that he left on Karwachot and has not returned since, she believes that in the event that he left on the morning, at that point would have not seen the episode, she gets frantic as at whatever point she verges on sorting it out each circumstance closes, Chahat sees the light which she feels her dad lit, she eliminates it imagining that there may be a message anyway it is vacant, Chahat sees the camera which are underneath the lamp and are pointing towards the manufacturing plant.

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