Aalekh plans to throw profound sacks on them while they experience their first night to show Neel some things. Chahat drives Neel away and that second the sacks tumble down, Aalekh accepts that their bones almost certainly broken anyway both of them start chuckling and Chahat talks that now they need to clean this up. The following morning, Neel goes inside the house and hears Aalekh talking about money to specific men. He demands what happened so Aalekh tells that he had acknowledged some acknowledge from them as the asylum has stopped financing them, and now he doesn’t have the money to bring them back. Neel talks that he will pay yet the men express that he has done a significant sin and won’t take money from him, they express that money should be returned in two days and leave. Aalekh rebukes Neel for this yet he talks that he will manage and arrange the money. Chahat finds Neel’s note in the shed and envisions that he is more nostalgic than she foreseen. Mother ji sees whether Mami offers drug to Vyas ji on time, later she watches the time and considers Mami to check yet accepts that Mami may have gone out. Read More…….