Qurbaan Hua 23 March 2021 Written Update

Neel hurries to Chahat and attempts to awaken her when Sahil attempts to hit him. He takes steps to kill him in the event that he incites him today and, lifts Chahat. Neel runs with Chahat and takes her to her home. He makes her rests and attempts to awaken her however she doesn’t open her eyes. Dadi ammi sees Chahat oblivious and asks Neel how he dealt with her. She gets Neel pulled back and goes to Chahat however he pushes the gatekeepers saying that she is his better half. Dadi ammi orders them to toss Neel out so they beat him and toss him out in spite of his endeavors to oppose them.

Neel yells stressing for Chahat and thinks that his affection is valid and he would appeal to God for her to recover. He returns home and Alka sees him injured and asks what occurred. He tells that Ghazala was out on political race rally so Alka finds out if her men hit him. He says that he is stressed over Chahat right now as she fell oblivious while standing. He says that he needs to proceed to appeal to God for Chahat yet Alka stops him and says that he needs to get emergency treatment on his injuries. Vyas ji is stressed that Neel will not have the option to fail to remember Chahat so effectively and he needs to accomplish something.


Chahat sees her pregnancy test and understands that she is pregnant and that is the reason she fell oblivious. She chooses to educate Neel concerning it regardless of whether she can’t remain with him. She goes out cheerfully to advise Neel about his pregnancy when he sees Vyas ji. He stands up to her for not satisfying the guarantee she made. She asks what she did so he tells that Neel returned injured in the wake of meeting her. She is shocked while Vyas ji says that she can’t avoid Neel till she remains here and their adoration will kill Neel one day. He takes a jar of lamp fuel and pours on himself and takes steps to commit suicide. She stops him and says that she made an honest effort to make disdain in Neel’s heart for herself.


Vyas ji irately says that he had cautioned her that he will commit suicide on the off chance that she doesn’t disappear from Neel. He is going to consume himself however Chahat stops him and says that she can’t allow him to pass on. She says that she will disappear from Neel so Vyas ji requests that she leave this town everlastingly at the present time. She says that she needs to see Neel prior to leaving yet Vyas ji abandons saying anything. Chahat is left devastated and cries seeing her pregnancy test unit. She chooses to meet him one final time and messages him. Afterward, Neel arrives at the spot Chahat referenced about pondering that Chahat has at long last seen his affection and was faking all scorn. He imagines that all that will be figured out and he will apologize for misconception her.

Neel sees Chahat coming in burkha and joyfully embraces her. He gets some information about her wellbeing yet she removes herself and says that she is exhausted of their reviled love. She says that they were adequately stupid to consider living with one another and she has submitted a major sin by adoring a Hindu person. She says that she must be rebuffed for her transgression and stands on the edge of a bluff. She shows Neel the bomb she is wearing and says that caring him was her greatest error as she can’t live with or without him. She says that she needs to off herself and afterward requests that Neel kick the bucket with her to set a model for the general public. Neel says that their adoration isn’t a wrongdoing and their affection will be finished and requests that she stop this ineptitude.


Chahat distances him from her however she by one way or another pulls her and asks who is constraining her to do this. She says that nobody is driving her and their destiny is this way. She embraces him firmly and afterward drives him away. She says that he ought to fail to remember her and bounces off the bluff. Neel hurries to hold her however comes up short and watches her fall into the water and a shoot occurring after that. After seven days… He has a bad dream and yells boisterously. Read more…….


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