Vyas ji is broken seeing Neel in video while Chahat begins freezing. Vyas ji lets completely go so Ghazala sprinkles water on him to ridicule him and says that she will not allow him to get oblivious till he sees Neel bite the dust. Chahat is strained why the individual who she had called deferring. The jailor asks the executer to hang Neel what breaks Chahat and Vyas ji. Toward the end second Alka comes there yelling and requests that they stop the execution. She shows a weapon to them and tells that this is the firearm Neel was holding and it is phony thus he is honest. Ghazala and Akram are stunned while Vyas ji is eased that his child is protected at this point.

The jailor brings Neel out and he sees Chahat who takes a gander at him in torment. Mother ji embraces him while Alka tells everybody that some great individual sent him an envelope with this weapon which assisted with demonstrating Neel’s honesty. The cops say that they have checked and discovered Neel’s fingerprints on the phony weapon. Neel faces Chahat and tells that he told that he didn’t execute her father as the firearm was phony. Ghazala tells the cop that she couldn’t care less about the firearm yet she saw Neel fire Baig. She takes steps to eliminate him from his work on the off chance that he attempts to go to court with this proof.

Chahat is strained that assuming the jailor consents to execute Neel under Ghazala’s tension, she will not have the option to save Neel. She clicks a catch on far off and a video plays on white screen showing Akram and Ghazala’s discussion the previous evening. They all see Akram admitting his wrongdoing to Ghazala which stuns them while he gets alarm. Dadi ammi is incensed and defies Ghazala for executing Baig. Ghazala attempts to come up with some rationalization saying that somebody is attempting to trap her else this can’t be an occurrence. Vyas ji says that it’s everything God’s will as he has saved a blameless life today. Vyas ji requests that the jailor capture Akram yet he goes nuts and attempts to get away.

Chahat gets him and slaps him, she defies him for murdering her father and says that he can’t have a place with anybody on the off chance that he was unable to have a place with his dad. She hands him over to police while Dadi ammi says that she will put a supplication of capital punishment for him. Ghazala attempts to persuade her to not do this while Alka discloses to Chahat that individuals like her who don’t comprehend love can’t hurt any individual who is honest. Vyas ji favors Alka and says that he owes her for saving Neel. Chahat is vexed reasoning that she will not have the option to disclose to Neel ever the amount she cherishes him. Mom ji blows shank and discloses to Ghazala that now the entire town will observe Neel’s honesty.

Neel likewise plays the shank and says that even Chahat ought to endure the agony of his guiltlessness. He furiously says that she didn’t really accept that him and that her adoration was phony. He says that their adoration has frail roots yet his affection was valid. He reviles her for what she did and breaks all relations with her. He says that he just abhors her now and she shouldn’t show him her face once more. Chahat is sorrowful however incapable to say anything. She at that point says that however he didn’t slaughter her father yet he proposed to so she can’t cherish somebody like him as adoring him was her greatest error. She additionally says that she despises him while Vyas ji is glad seeing this. Read more………