Qurbaan Hua 19 April 2021 Episode Written Update


Alka feels glad seeing Shlok’s adoration and worry for her and says that she will make his most loved halwa for him. After she goes Shlok cries and asks Dua for what reason is wedding somebody so significant for relationship. He says that Aalekh consistently continues provoking Alka saying that she isn’t hitched to Neel and she doesn’t have any directly over this house. He wishes that Neel and Alka ought to get hitched some way so these issues end. Dua embraces him to comfort him and reviews her time turning out to be companions with him.

Dua reveals to Shlok that they will think about an arrangement to get Neel and Alka wedded by one way or another. Shlok is astounded and inquires as to whether her mother removes her. She says that she has assumed a major part in making him mahant and still he is frightened. She guarantees him that she will not leave till the time his folks don’t get hitched which fulfills him. They return to their room while Alka who has overhead them separates feeling that she may get hitched to Neel however he won’t ever adore her as he just loves Chahat.


Next morning Aalekh escapes the house with lunch enclose and goes his vehicle. Chahat conceals her face and follows him in her vehicle in the desire for discovering Neel and Vyas ji. Aalekh stops before a godown and takes an iron pole with him to beat Neel to take out his dissatisfaction. Chahat comes to there and follows him inside, she additionally takes a bar for security. She gradually heads inside yet tracks down nobody there a lot amazingly. She is disillusioned to track down nobody yet ponders where is Aalekh.


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Aalekh and Sahil out Neel and Vyas ji in another van while Aalekh finds out if he is certain somebody is following him. Sahil saw Chahat outside when Aalekh came inside and hastily removing Neel and Vyas ji from that place. Sahil is alleviated that Aalekh didn’t see Chahat while he asks him who did he see. Sahil tells that it was the worker Top Singh so Aalekh gets rankled on his trying. Sahil affects him to fire him from work. Shlok is stressed for Dua as she is having torment in her stomach. He thinks if composing a letter to Neel ordering him to get hitched to Alka as Mahant’s power. Naveli reveals to him that Neel won’t concur and that Vyas ji has attempted to persuade him ordinarily.


Naveli says that Neel doesn’t tune in to anybody with the exception of Chahat. That second Aalekh comes there and hears her, he stands up to her for taking that name. He beats her for taking that name while Naveli argues to him not to hit her. Shlok reveals to her nobody is beating her so she understands that it was her creative mind. Shlok asks her who was the individual Neel tuned in to. Aalekh comes there and indignantly arranges her to go to her room and Shlok likewise goes behind her. Aalekh imagines that he needs to manage Top Singh by one way or another. Shlok is worried about Naveli and chooses to whine to Neel about Aalekh. Yet, before that he needs to discover the individual to whom Neel tunes in, he feels that there may be some photograph of that individual in the family collection. He begins searching for pictures however doesn’t discover anything which disturbs him. Read more……..



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