Qurbaan Hua 16 April 2021 Written Episode Updates

Aalekh says that he is a little child and compromises Shlok to go inside yet esteemed cleric stops him. He finds out if he knows the Gayatri manta so Shlok sings the mantra appropriately. Shlok properly sings every one of the mantras asked by the devout minister while Chahat supports him joyfully. Chahat tells the consecrated minister that Shlok is an entirely mindful child. Aalekh gets angry and says that he is only six years of age.

Chahat cuts him saying that Shlok resembles Vyas ji’s shadow and merits this position. Aalekh blows up and is going to lift hand on her yet is halted by the consecrated minister. He says that an individual who has such a lot of outrage issues can’t be mahant. He requests that Aalekh venture back while Shlok is stressed whether he will actually want to accomplish practically everything appropriately. Dua upholds him while Chahat chooses to secure him till the opportunity Neel returns. Read more……



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