Qurbaan Hua 14 April 2021 Written Episode Updates

Chahat considers how does Aalekh have a telephone with the cover she provided for Neel. Mami grabs the telephone from her and asks her not to work out with Aalekh’s telephone. Chahat says that Aalekh as of now has a telephone and proposes that this may have a place with Neel. Mami says that he is a financial specialist and can have various telephones however Chahat inquires as to for what reason will be utilize a cover this way. Mami reveals to her that this is Neel’s cover and Aalekh simply have utilized this to drive Neel crazy. Chahat isn’t persuaded as the conditions are off-putting, she hears Aalekh blowing shank.

Everybody comes out and Aalekh educates everybody that he will be turning out to be next mahant. Alka says that she won’t allow him to take this position yet Aalekh snickers and reveals to her that the higher ministers need him to become next mahant. He requests that she confirm structure the higher cleric himself as he is coming here to play out the ceremonies. He goes to Naveli and requests that she clean the yard so she concurs. Chahat is strained as she can’t allow Aalekh to turn into the following mahant. She hears Shlok recounting story to Dua which gives an ethical that kids can do whatever older folks can do.


Chahat gets a thought hearing their story and proposes to Alka that Shlok ought to be the following mahant. Alka says that this is strange yet Chahat attempts to persuade her maxim that Aalekh may delude the townspeople on the off chance that he becomes mahant. Alka is helped to remember Chahat by hearing the idea. Alka gives an idea to this and concurs with the thought. In any case, she tells that Shlok is excessively terrified of Aalekh and will not challenge to face him. Chahat says that she will persuade Shlok some way or another. Shlok and Dua are playing in the nursery when Chahat goes there and demands Dua to assist her with an arrangement.


Dua concurs while Shlok hears an applaud and goes towards Chahat. He is amazed to see her and gets some information about Dua. Chahat approaches him and advises that Dua’s mother has come to get her and she is gathering her packs inside. Shlok is stressed hearing this and says that he will not release her. In the mean time Aalekh discloses to Naveli that she should venerate him from now onwards. He requests that she offer pushpanjali to him and she does as such in dread. Alka and Mami come out while the esteemed minister shows up that second. He requests that she stop and starts authorizing before the consecrated minister.

Aalekh invites the esteemed minister and lies about Naveli being upbeat in the wake of realizing that he will be mahant. Shlok requests that Chahat recommend an approach to prevent Dua from going so she says that it would have been not difficult to stop Dua if Vyas ji would have been here. She discloses to him that everybody needs to acknowledge mahant’s orders so in the event that he would have been the mahant he might have halted Dua. Shlok gets the thought and inquires as to for what reason wouldn’t he be able to be the mahant so Chahat says that one should realize the whole Gita to become mahant. Shlok says that he knows all mantras so she requests that he go out and tell that he ought to be the mahant.


Shlok consents to Chahat’s thought and goes before consecrated minister telling that he is a commendable contender for being mahant. Chahat signs to Alka that she persuaded Shlok to challenge for being mahant. Read more…….


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