The much anticipated Weekend Ka Vaar scene with Master Host Salman Khan got a great deal of surprising turns in the house. Salman sees the conflict among Eijas and Kavita and chooses to have the housemates accept a call about who among the two is ‘Avashyak’ and ‘Unavashyak’ and stamp their countenances with a cross!

20:45 IST Sunday, 1 November 2020

Salman Khan goes into house. He meets the contenders and discusses ‘nau ras’. Nikki names Jaan for ‘Prem’. Eijaz says seeing Nikki makes him chuckle. Kavita names Eijaz that she feels sorry for him. She says she doesn’t loathe anyone, including him. Abhinav should state who rankles him and he names Rahul, calling him puerile. Pavitra says Kavita causes her to feel nauseated. Kavita says individuals see others how they are. Jaan is solicited who ruins his tranquility from brain, and he names Rubina. Rahul fears Pavitra. Shardul says Kavita makes him striking. Rubina feels astonished with Pavitra. Eijaz feels Nishant is as yet acting inside the house. Abhinav names him too as the one in the peril zone.

20:59 IST Sunday, 1 November 2020

Sunidhi Chauhan is in the house. Jaan admits he is a tremendous fanatic of her, after which there’s a go head to head between Sunidhi-Jaan, Sunidhi-Rahul. Shardul endowments Kavita ‘most mean contender’ blessing. She returns it to him saying he is generally aggravating. He is approached to blessing it to the individual who turns on the two sides, and it goes to Nishant. He endowments it to Nikki saying she can’t keep insider facts. She says she has a great time doing it. Nikki needs to give the blessing to the individual with most raucous conduct, and she offers it to Rahul. There’s a contention on it. He should give the blessing to least working hopeful and it goes to Jaan. He needs to offer it to the most uncertain challenger, and he names Eijaz saying he has gotten restless. He needs to blessing ‘sabse bada chamcha’ and it goes to Nishant. He gives it back to Jaan saying he should be more mindful about his environmental factors. He needs to give the most egotistical tag and it goes to Nikki. She says she is, and the blessing goes to Abhinav, becasue it should go to somebody who doesn’t have the right to be in the house. She calls him exhausting. He at last gets a dabba, with a trick. Nikki calls it ‘chicha’ Eijaz. Sunidhi sings ‘Dil Deewana’ and Salman lip synchronizes it.

21:14 IST Sunday, 1 November 2020

Salman discusses basic and unimportant. Eijaz and Kavita are the chosen people. Abhinav, Jasmin, Nishant, Rubina pick Eijaz as insignificant. Naina, Nikki, Jaan, Rahul, Pavitra, Shardul picked Kavita. Eijaz apologizes to Kavita for their continuous issue. She says that she has met Salman Khan more than Eijaz Khan (which she guarantees is threefold in her life). She professes to have never at any point eaten with him. Eijaz discusses resting in Kurla station. Salman reveals to Kavita that Eijaz requested assistance so that was not off-base. Salman loses it on Kavita for making individual themes a public issue. He says that different hopefuls have made a contrast between them. Salman leaves thus does Kavita.

Eijaz, Kavita unimportant

The house is obviously partitioned, considering Eijaz is considered as insignificant by Abhinav, Nishant, while Kavita’s face is stepped as unnecessary by Pavitra, Rahul , Shardul and Nikki.

Kavita loses cool

Kavita loses her cool and uses the occasion to bring up that the main collaborations she had with Eijaz outside the house was on the grounds that she thought about him as a senior industry associate. She additionally uncovered that Eijaz would feel forlorn and to cause him to feel better, she has likewise sent him home-prepared food. Notwithstanding, she actually doesn’t think about him as a companion. Eijaz and Kavita proceed to contend and inevitably chafe Salman.

Nikki feels Jaan conjures ‘Prem’

Nikki feels Jaan conjures ‘Prem’

Up next, an action is acquainted wherein the housemates have with label their kindred candidates with the feelings they most reverberate wigh. Nikki will pick who summons the sentiment of ‘Prem’ for which she chooses Jaan.

Rahul brings out ‘krodh’ for Abhinav

Abhinav is approached to pick the contender who evokes ‘Krodh’ inside him, and he picks Rahul. Rubina labels Pavitra as the candidate who continually shocks her and she is uncertain if to confide in her. Pavitra then again, labels Kavita as somebody who she finds appalling.

Shehnaaz Gill goes into house

On a lighter note, Shehnaz Gill goes into the Bigg Boss house and associates with Salman while thinking back about bygone times. Shehnaz likewise chooses to play cupid in the house and plays a ‘Prem ka Game’ with Eijaz and Pavitra! Toward the finish of that game, she infers that there is a solid association between the couple and chooses to send them on a sentimental date. The two offer an incredible time and murmur a ton of affectionate words to one another. They even offer a sentimental move and admit a great deal of nice sentiments about one another!