Yesterday you saw that Piyush is saying that he is a doctor and after that we see that Muyara says that you all go away from Tha because I want to be alone here. Then we see that Piyush tells him That is, I know that your pain is very big and only you can understand it and no one else can understand it.

Then we see that the water cannot take liberty and its beauty is still with us. Then we see that it never matters to the loved ones here if you stay locked in this room and are absolutely scared. You are letting him go and you are also doing Leja, which you were always proud of. And I’m pretty sure you never let this happen.

Today you saw that Puve Aunkar is performed. Then Shankar says that when the Mother God tortures your women, then your prayer is accepted. Then Piyush asks that everyone come out of this room quickly. He says that come with me, then come to my family, then to the doctor and then to the police.