Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8 April 2021 Written Updates

The scene begins with Mayura revealing to Shankar she needs to leave right away. Manjiri says hijacker to take any sum however return back their Tara. Megha comes to home and acts honest. She asks Ashutosh what occurred. Mayura comes and reveals to them not to conceal a single thing from Megha as she knows it all. Megha acts dumbfounded. Mayura charges Megha of capturing Tara. She clarifies all the discussion she had before with Megha.

Megha anyway denies and says she has not done anything. She says Sanjay had huge misfortune in business, and also, she is pregnant so she would not like to face any challenge of their security. That is the reason she had asked Mayura for cash. Mayura anyway says she doesn’t trust Megha.


Police says they have followed hijacker’s area. Later Shankar calls Mayura and advises her that Omkar has gone to Nisha’s home as he might suspect Nayan is plan behind the abducting. Mayura reveals to Ashutosh Omkar is playing some game so she needs to return right away. At the point when she arrives at Omkar’ s house, she sees Omkar scrutinizing Nisha’s folks whereabouts of Tara. Nayan discloses to Omkar that he makes them misjudge and she has not done anything. Omkar says the area of criminal was followed by police and it was her home. Mayura gets stunned. Cop requests that constables take Nisha’s folks in room and cause them to talk reality. Mayura is astounded. Omkar likewise gives capture warrant to Nayan.


Ashutosh gets stressed over Mayura and Megha requests that they take lawful assistance. Nayan asks police and says she hasn’t done anything incorrectly. Omkar says cash and voracity can cause anybody to foul up. Nayan stills protects herself. Manjiri requests that police bring Nayan to prison. Omkar says she isnt talking truth so he requests that police drive her folks to talk reality. Nayan says Omkar she needn’t bother with his cash by any means. Omkar asks her what does she need at that point and Nayan says she simply needs Tara’s.. Yet, before she can finish her assertion she hears Nisha’s folks shouting.

She blasts out coming clean that she is Tara’s mom and can never hurt her. She washes off dark tone from her face. Omkar says he previously had question on her. Somebody thumps at Ashutosh’s home and reveals to him he tracked down a young lady blacked out external his home. Ashutosh gets stunned to see its Tara. She is oblivious. Anyway she acquires cognizance and calls Ashutosh as Nanaji. Omkar and Mayura have battle of words again and Mayura charges him of getting her far from girl for a very long time. Mayura gets call from Ashutosh who says Tara is at their home.


Mayura alongside Omkar and police go to her home. Tara gets glad to see Omkar and Pari Ma. Police says what Mayura has done can be seriously culpable. Omkar says he will rebuff her later however now he will remove Tara from her. Omkar even says Mayura is intellectually unwell. Tara weeps for her Pari Ma and Mayura separates. Megha comforts Mayura and says she has counseled her legal counselor companion to help her. Mayura asks absolution from Megha for questioning her.

Mayura requests that Goddess show her way to contact her little girl. Omkar’s legal counselor brings notice from court for Mayura which states she should avoid Tara. Mayura is heading off to some place and catches Omkar conversing with somebody and uncovering his arrangements. Scene closes on Mayura’s stunned face as she sees its Megha who had helped Omkar.


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