Now you will see that Piyush says that I considered you my God. But you are not even a good person. After that Manchali says that I have lost my mind. Now after that Shankar says that is absolutely right.

Then we see that Piyush says that you picked me up from the road and I got this Has given new life. There must be some reason behind this and to show the world how great you are becoming. But I knew that you would be helped in achieving Keejhallur, an animal.

Then we see that women are not disclosing their assets when men will think of you. If we see that it is speaking that when you will understand that love does not happen with force then she says that a woman cannot be seen as a human being, sometimes even beating her and sometimes raping her and then They shoot him and kill him.

He then speaks of what do you think the female one is. He is a human or a toy he keeps playing with. And you play with him and break him. He is not your property. See about him, Mayura says that I am no longer the property of beneficence. I am free in this cage of beauty. What happened was right? You too are now free from my beauty.

And it says that will not affect you, then Mayura cries out. Megha stands up in the thong. After this Porn Shankar says that Goddess Mother can never accept your worship.

Then I say that I will give Mother Goddess I will refuse I will ruin your woman’s life. A wife has committed this sin to her husband, she must pay for it.