Omkar advises her despite the fact that he rounded Aishwarya’s hairline severely however goddess caused him to remarry Mayura with all the ceremonies. Manjiri requests that he stop this. Omkar says her not to stress and prepare for introduction of Homeopathic facility on Mayura’s name.. Ashwaria thinks Omkar ruins her magnificence rest by petitioning God for Mayura each day. She gets a call from her mom who asks her for what valid reason isn’t she following up on her arrangement.

Ashwaria reviews flashback of when Omkar had said her that he definitely knows her existence yet he won’t express her to leave as his mom enjoys her. He says her that Mayura had revealed to him her fact and that she had attempted to kill him a few times. He says he can permit her to remain in the manor as she wish either as a house keeper or as a sovereign yet she ought to never hurt his relatives.

Ashwaria emerges from flashback and reveals to her mom she will oversee everything.

Omkar goes to do the service for initiation of the homeopathic facility. Balli tends to him as sartaj ji while giving him his telephone yet Omkar again reminds him not to call him sartaj any longer.

Manjiri requests that Ashwaria utilize her excellence and attempt to keep Omkar dazzled in her affection. Ashwaria concurs.

Cleric calls Omkar to set up stone for center, Omkar says the custom will be finished by Sankar as Mayura cherished him a great deal. Omkar again recollects Mayura’s final words where she advised him to change to a superior individual.

They hear a kid shouting for help. They see a kid swinging from tree limb and shouting to save him. Child’s mother likewise requests that help save him. Omkar runs and saves the kid on schedule. The kid expresses gratitude toward him. Kid’s mom asks him for what valid reason he moved up, he says he was getting his kite. Manjiri sees Omkar loaded with earth. She reviews how he was phobic to soil before and now it no more impacts him. The kid approaches Omkar for absolution as his garments got filthy as a result of him. Sankar reveals to Manjiri he is holding back to perceive how Mayura responds to this new Omkar. The cut kite falls on Omkar and child’s mom says this is indication of some bliss thumping at his entryway.

Later Omkar is seeing conversing with Mayura’s image and tells how he has changed and doesn’t get influenced by external soil any longer. He gets call from somebody illuminating about Mayura’s whereabouts. He gets exceptionally upbeat. Manjiri sees Omkar heading off to some place and balli advises them he went to check as he got some data about Mayura. Sankar insults Manjiri and says Omkar and Mayura will definitely meet soon or later. Omkar arrives at emergency clinic and asks specialist where is Mayura. Specialist says she is in ICU and has same imprint all over which he had portrayed. She says Mayura is in unconsciousness and takes Omkar to meet her.

Occasion coordinators get some information about Omkar. She says he will come tomorrow. Manjiri requests that Ashwaria grin and says dead individuals don’t return.. Omkar comes to meet Mayura with her dupatta close by. Ek sawali si ladki plays in foundation. He cheerfully goes toward the medical clinic bed and figures he will approach her pardoning for every one of his errors. He gets stunned to see it’s another person and not Mayura. He gets crushed. He cries a ton and says he won’t surrender until he discovers Mayura.

Mayura is demonstrated playing with kids some place. Voice over says When will Mayura and Omkar meet to become Mayukar! A few hooligans assault Omkar. He is saved by a person named Meer.