Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th April 2021 Written Update

Mayura tells specialist that Tara actually didn’t go to her. She gets stressed and says she needs to go inside the medical clinic. She sees an old woman and gets inside clinic with her. Omkar carries police officers with him and attempts to discover Tara. Mayura frenzies and calls Ashutosh to educate about the occurrence and faults herself. Ashutosh reassures her and says he will attempt to accomplish something. Police requests that Omkar return home and ruffians will certainly call for deliver. Omkar gets hysteric and says nothing will happen to Tara. Manjiri recalls that Nayan had encouraged location of their home to Tara and says might be Tara will return back herself.

However, at that point she says might be Nayan has accomplished something. Omkar calls Nayan and Mayura who is concealing close by can’t bring down the volume of ringtone. Omkar says voice is coming from somewhere near. Mayura wears cover and answers the call, she discloses to Omkar that she is at his home and Tara isn’t here.


Omkar and Manjiri likewise return back to home. Mayura feels befuddled and powerless. Police says they will put call tracer. Omkar inquires as to whether Tara educated her regarding any spot she needs to go to. She cries and says Tara never disclosed to her anything. Some woman calls Omkar and requests 50 lakhs as payment. Police says they couldn’t follow the call however it was some woman. Mayura associates the dab and recalls Megha’s words. The scene closes with Mayura saying she realizes who has her girl. Read More…….


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