Pinjara Khubsurti ka 5th January 2021 Written Update

Omkar and Mayura are clinging to the tree in the wake of falling in the precipice. Omkar reveals to Mayura that she has consistently saved him, this time he will save her. Manjiri cries and petitions God. Omkar says nothing will happen to you Mayura. Mayura is going to fall in the precipice, however Omkar holds her hand… He says hold my hand… I won’t allow you to fall… Hamari Adhuri plays… ..Police arrive at the backwoods and search for Omkar. Omkar and Mayura takes a gander at one another… Manzilein tune keeps on playing. Omkar says Mayura, continue holding my hand, nothing will happen to you. Mayura says I need to reveal to you something. Omkar says we will talk later, however right presently keep holding my hand. Mayura requests that he guarantee that he will end up being a decent individual and will never do something very similar which he did with her. Omkar says we will talk later. Mayura says on the off chance that we don’t talk presently, at that point can’t talk later. She requests that he guarantee that he will end up being the Omkar, whom she had cherished. Omkar asks her not to talk. Mayura says you had set apart all over and our connection, and says she generally needed him to apologize for his doings and do compensation, requests that he guarantee that he will do nothing incorrectly. Omkar says we will talk later. Mayura reveals to Omkar that she is excusing him for whatever he has done, with the expectation that he will end up being a decent individual after she goes. Omkar says I can’t lose you Mayura. Mayura says no Omkar, I need to live your hand, in the event that I don’t leave your hand, at that point we both will pass on. She says it is better for me to pass on, for you. Omkar says don’t leave my hand.

The tree limb is going to fall. Mayura requests that he fare thee well and says I trust that you won’t release my demise squander, your life will be enormous and you will get my life/age as well… ..Omkar says no. Mayura requests that he leave her hand. Omkar says nothing will happen to you, until I am here. Mayura requests that he fare thee well and leaves his hand. He yells Mayura… .and sees her tumbling down in the precipice. He cries… and reviews her words that she will demonstrate her guiltlessness regardless of whether she needs to kick the bucket to save him. He reviews all her final words and discovers her missing in the valley… He yells Mayura… .

Manjiri tells that there is no information on Omkar till now. Aishwarya thinks make courses of action for your child’s demise, I have requested bereaved planner saree, and thinks when Omkar’s passing news will come. All of a sudden Police brings Omkar there. Omkar is lost and is stunned. Manjiri asks what befallen you. Aishwarya figures he ought to have come dead. Manjiri requests that he sit and asks what befell you? Controller says he had tumbled from the bluff and was clinging to the tree, we have reached there and saved him. Manjiri requests that he state what was the deal? Overseer says even we have attempted to ask him, yet he isn’t reacting. Shankar gets some information about Mayura. Manjiri says this all has happened as a result of her. Shankar says she isn’t dependable. Auditor says on the off chance that she was with him, at that point she would have fallen in the waterway and kicked the bucket, or some creature more likely than not eaten her. Aishwarya thinks Mayura passed on, yet saved Omkar.Read Full….


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