Mayura strolls inside with tears in her eyes. Omkar requests that she stop not too far off. Vishaka comes to know from her government agent that Mayura arrived at Omkar’s home. She requests that the covert operative continue to advise her and thinks Mr. Goswami isn’t watching out for his girl, thinks to stop Mayura before she sprinkles water on her arrangement. Mayura says you are destined to be with me, you can’t wed another person. She requests that he recall Narmada stream. He says he would prefer not to recall that anything and holds Naina’s hand, says she cherishes me a ton. Mayura inquires as to whether he adores Naina. She asks him once more. Omkar says I will wed Naina as it were.

Mayura says this implies you don’t cherish Naina. Omkar leaves Naina’s hand. He holds Mayura’s hand and drops her external his home. He demands her that they can’t join together and requests that she leave from that point. Mayura says we are destined to join together. Omkar’s mom asks Mayura what is she saying to trap her child. She requests that Mayura avoid her child and takes steps to call her family. She discloses to Omkar that he will see her dead face, in the event that he sees Mayura once more. Omkar gives two choices to Mayura, asks her to one or the other leave, or applaud like other relative for Naina and his tilak rasams. Mayura looks on defenselessly.

Sachin gets back home and discovers watches snickering. DM tells Mr. Goswami and Sachin that she discovered wine bottles with them. Mr. Goswami asks how could they to drink working and asks where is Mayura? Vishaka comes there and welcomes Mr. Goswami. She says Ishaan needed to meet Mayura so I showed up with him. DM says Mayura is dozing. Bela comes there and acts unusually, says she will call Mayura. Vishaka asks what befallen her. Mr. Goswami says Bela is cheerful. Mayura takes a stone and composes something on the divider, figures he will recall that their harmony is for births.