She asks him again. Omkar says I will marry Naina only. Mayura says this indicates you don’t love Naina. Omkar leaves Naina’s hand. He holds Mayura’s hand and drops her out of doors his house. He requests her that they can’t unite and asks her to go away from there. Mayura says we’re born to unite.

Omkar’s mom asks Mayura what’s she pronouncing to entice her son. She asks Mayura to live farfar from her son and threatens to name her family. She tells Omkar that he’s going to see her useless face, if he sees Mayura again. Omkar offers alternatives to Mayura, asks her to both leave, or clap like different relative for Naina and his tilak rasams. Mayura seems on helplessly.

Sachin comes domestic and reveals guards laughing. DM tells Mr. Goswami and Sachin that she determined wine bottles with them. Mr. Goswami asks how dare they to drink on responsibility and asks wherein is Mayura? Vishaka comes there and greets Mr. Goswami. She says Ishaan desired to fulfill Mayura so I got here at the side of him. DM says Mayura is sleeping. Bela comes there and behaves strangely, says she can be able to name Mayura. Vishaka asks what passed off to her. Mr. Goswami says Bela is happy. Mayura takes a stone and writes some thing at the wall, thinks he’s going to take into account that their togetherness is for births.