Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29 January 2021 Written Update

The scene begins with Mayura revealing to Omkar that she totally believes him yet she can’t disappear without advising her family. Omkar advises her to illuminate her family later that she is fine. Mayura asks Omkar for what valid reason does he thinks often such a great amount about her. They have met only couple of days back, for what reason is he so stressed for her. It isn’t so much that they are tied in relationship for a very long time.

Neel asks emergency clinic staffs to look wherever for Mayura cautiously.


Mayura asks Omkar for what good reason is he suspecting as much about her vocation and dream. Omkar says since he has seen the enthusiasm in her eyes,he has seen the assurance in her to help poor and penniless individuals. Indeed, even his expectations are unadulterated simply like hers. He requests that Mayura trust him and accompany him. She consents to go yet while they are going, Neel stops them halfway. He requests that Mayura return to room.


Mayura is going to talk something, however Neel says voyaging isn’t ok for her medical issue. Omkar advises Neel to release them, yet Neel slaps Omkar after Mayura has been taken to room by nurture. He says he has a deep understanding of his past. Omkar tells now he has changed. Whatever he did was before, presently he isn’t a similar individual.

Neel determines what Omkar had done was disturbing and cautions him to avoid Mayura and her family. Omkr gets hyper and says imagine a scenario in which he doesn’t. Omkar says he is Mayura’s better half and no power on the planet can prevent him from meeting his significant other. He will ask infront of Mayura and her family yet won’t stop on account of a pariah. Neel says which relationship is he discussing, Mayura doesn’t recall his name.


Omkar says she actually wears memento of his name. Neel says only one out of every odd memento is mangalsutra. Neel and Omkar have further contention and Omkar says whatever Neel does Mayura and Omkar will become Mayukar. He says Mayura will come nearer to him this time without help from anyone else. Neel says till he is there Omkar can’t come nearer to Mayura. He requests that Omkar stay much the same as patient or probably he will toss him outside the medical clinic. Omkar shows Neel his and Mayura’s marriage picture in his telephone.

Mayura recalls about Omkar and Ashutosh’s contention. At that point she recollects how Neel additionally responded inconsiderately. She thinks why Omkar is causing her to such an extent. Ashutosh comes there and asks where was she and does she trust a more interesting more than them.


Sulekha and dadi additionally come there. Mayura comprehends they had been lying about Megha being wiped out. She blows up and requests them to come clean. She leaves from that point.

Neel comes there and Mayura’s family expresses gratitude toward him. They think how long will they save Mayura like this. Dadi needs to come clean with her yet Neel cautions them this may influence her wellbeing. Neel ensures that till he is there, Omkar can’t contact Mayura. Read More…….

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