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Omkar goes to the sanctuary. Parohit ji says today this present sanctuary’s establishment is being laid. Omkar has an enormous part to play in it. They start the pooja. Omkar picks sangemarmar to put it. Omkar opens it. It has a red tone on it. Parohit ji says what is this Omkar? CM says what joke is this? We didn’t anticipate this appalling thing from you. Parohit ji says this is a wrongdoing. This blood like red tone on sangemarmar of this sanctuary. Mayura put the shading on it. She takes a gander at the blossom she got the shading from. Parohit ji says you broke my trust. I will never pardon you. Omkar says this shouldn’t have occurred. I beseech you, give me one possibility. I will improve sangemarmar than this. He says I won’t take a stone from you. Individuals serenade against Omkar. They state Omkar has broken our trust. He ridiculed our convictions. Parohit ji says you did a wrongdoing and we can’t be a piece of it. they all leave.

Omkar says how could this blood come it? Balli let me know. Who did this? Mayura comes and says I did. Ask me how. Mayura comes there adn shows him the blossom she got the shading from. Mayura says recall you sprinkled blood all over from the equivalent sangemarmar. I recolored your existence with a similar shading. Omkar says this was my administration and my work. You demolished it for me. You didn’t do right. Mayura says my facility was likewise my administration and work, you did likewise. You destroyed my fantasy. I addressed you in your language. I did equity. An abhorrent like you shouldn’t take an interest in a sanctuary. The pulverization just began. Prepare.

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Air Date: 28 November 2020

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