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Mayura says spouse where right? Manjali gives her hand in the entryway. Mayura shouts with torment. Mayura tumbles down. Manjali remain on her hand. She hauls Mayura outside. Manjali takes Mayura to the kitchen. Mayura reviews how Omkar didn’t allow her to cook. Manjali says make something hot such as yourself. I will make a video and I will do your exposure. Presently make it. Mayura glances around. Manjali says make it with your hand. Her hands are wounds. Manjali says in what manner will he like it in the event that you don’t make it with hands. Manjali is live via online media. Mayura’s hands hurt. Mayura picks a stick. Mayura says I can utilize this. This isn’t a kitchen thing. Mayura says see the pickle is prepared. I made pickle for my dear spouse. I love him to such an extent. I can endure this for him.

Manjali says Omi needs food on schedule. Presently cook for him and serve him quick. She leaves. Mayura washes her hands. Manjali tells Omkar. She says Mayura has quit feeling torment. Omkar says you handle her. I have a piece meeting. Mayura says Omkar ji.. I have made you puri and pickle. Manjali says eat first. Mayura says there’s no toxic substance in it. Balli says baray Parohit ji and clergyman are here. Omkar asks Mayura to head inside. Mayura says in heart it must be something significant.

Parohit ji says Omkar you will give sangemarmar in the new sanctuary. You’re this current age’s kid and still you do pooja. Omkar says our marble will never let the light of this sanctuary reduce. Parohit ji says this sanctuary is significant. Omkar says I will work here like a pooja. This is a gift for me. Omkar says let me see you off. Mayura hears everything. Mayura says sangemarmar.

Scene 2

Manjali and Omkar leaves. Manjali says it’s a major day for you. Omkar says this venture is a gift for me. I expectation everything works out. They leave. Mayura comes before the vehicle. Manjali says she is a dark feline. Mayura goes ahead Omkar’s window. Manjali says disregard her. Mayura says the time has begun. You will be offended today.

Omkar goes to the sanctuary. Parohit ji says today this present sanctuary’s establishment is being laid. Omkar has an enormous part to play in it. They start the pooja. Omkar picks sangemarmar to put it. Omkar opens it. It has a red tone on it. Parohit ji says what is this Omkar? CM says what joke is this? We didn’t anticipate this appalling thing from you. Parohit ji says this is a wrongdoing. This blood like red tone on sangemarmar of this sanctuary. Mayura put the shading on it. She takes a gander at the blossom she got the shading from. Parohit ji says you broke my trust. I will never pardon you. Omkar says this shouldn’t have occurred. I beseech you, give me one possibility. I will improve sangemarmar than this. He says I won’t take a stone from you. Individuals serenade against Omkar. They state Omkar has broken our trust. He ridiculed our convictions. Parohit ji says you did a wrongdoing and we can’t be a piece of it. they all leave.

Omkar says how could this blood come it? Balli let me know. Who did this? Mayura comes and says I did. Ask me how. Mayura comes there adn shows him the blossom she got the shading from. Mayura says recall you sprinkled blood all over from the equivalent sangemarmar. I recolored your existence with a similar shading. Omkar says this was my administration and my work. You demolished it for me. You didn’t do right. Mayura says my facility was likewise my administration and work, you did likewise. You destroyed my fantasy. I addressed you in your language. I did equity. An abhorrent like you shouldn’t take an interest in a sanctuary. The pulverization just began. Prepare.

Scene 3

Mayura strolls out and about. Mayura says this was the vengeance for sins you did for the sake of pooja. Omkar comes and says what do you need? I am requesting that you disappear from your life. At the point when I needed you, you needed to flee from me and now you’re similar to a shadow in my life. What do you need? Let me know once. Mayura handles his collar and tosses him in a confine there. Mayura locks it. Omkar yells what are you doing Mayura? Mayura open it. I am choking. Open it.

Scene closes.

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