Later Tara and Mayura share enthusiastic time as Tara is going to Jabalpur. She discloses to Mayura she will miss them. At that point she inquires as to whether Omkar is in a difficult situation due to Vishakha. She inquires as to whether he battled with her. Mayura cries and says she wishes everybody gets a girl like Tara. Megha and Sanjay take Tara with him. Raghav is sitting tight for criminological report. He advises Pandey to keep an eye as Omkar will definitely come there.

Omkar subtly enters inside and sees heaps of report. He discovers a report which says dead body was of Vishakha and it had Omkar’s fingerprints. He sees a tore paper in dustbin, which has unrivaled composed on it and same document no as Vishakha’s report. He runs outside and slams into Mayura. He approaches her to mention to her what he found yet Raghav comes there and says he had effectively seen Omkar entering inside. The scene closes on three of their appearances shown at the same time.