The Episode begins offevolved with Mayura wishing that Omkar and Mayura by no means get separated on this beginning. She cuts the cake even as DM sings satisfied birthday music for her. Mayura makes her devour the cake. DM makes her devour cake too. She says we notion to rejoice your birthday grandly, however all of sudden your fitness were given deteriorated. Mayura opens the field and unearths a chain. She recollects Omkar and Mayura speaking approximately Tara. She asks in case you trust in rebirth. DM says sure and asks why are you asking me? Mayura says much like that. DM asks her to take rest. Mayura thinks wherein is my own circle of relatives and my Tara?

She thinks to satisfy them, however earlier than that she wishes to satisfy Omkar. She exams Om on her hand and thinks even Omkar receives nightmares like me, if I speak to him then he’ll consider the preceding beginning absolutely. She calls him, however his range is unreachable. Ishaan recollects Mayura asking him to take Omkar’s call with respect. He breaks the matters in his room.

Vishaka comes there and asks if the whole lot is okay? If Mayura is fine? Ishaan says sure,s he’s fine, however my temper is off. Vishaka asks him to inform what happened? Ishaan says I began out liking Mayura, however don’t recognise approximately her. Vishaka says what I taught you, the factor you like, shall now no longer leave. She says you’ve got got despatched the pic, I will see it now. She says I used to recognise a few different Mayura, a few years ago. She become very lovely. Ishaan says however she can’t be greater lovely than my Mayura. Vishaka says really. She is set to peer the pic, whilst she receives Mr. Goswami’s name and is going speaking.

Omkar comes out of residence and unearths Mayura standing. He asks her to move earlier than his mummy wakes up. Mayura asks him to concentrate to her once. She receives inner and says if I shout then Aunty will wake up. Omkar says this become predicted from you. Mayura says that is reality that I known as you to birthday birthday celebration to humiliate you, however once I fainted, I remembered the whole lot. She tells that they’re Mayura and Omkar of final beginning and tells that their love tale couldn’t be finished in final beginning, and they’re reborn, tells that they’ve to unite and win this time. She indicates the road on his hand and Om beginning mark on her hand, says there may be absolutely a few which means associated with it. She tells that we met once more and hugs him, and says no one can separate us now. Omkar breaks the hug and says I didn’t recognise which you make such a pleasing tale. He says first you attempted to humiliate me and now this rebirth drama. Mayura says that is reality. Omkar says you can’t make me lose, as I am now no longer gambling the game. He says you attempted to lure me in order that I don’t interrupt for your Papa’s chemical manufacturing facility. Mayura says she is ignorant of that. Omkar says this time, the problem is set my basti, wherein my Mother and Naina stays. He pushes her out. Mayura asks him to agree with her. She cries as he closes the door.

Omkar’s mom coughs. He receives involved and asks her to rest. He says he’ll make kada and could name medical doctor too. Omkar says he’ll prepare dinner dinner meals and asks her to rest. Doctor exams his mom and tells him that her fitness is bad, because of the polluted water withinside the pond, because of the trying out of the chemical manufacturing facility. She says don’t recognise what’s going to happen. Omkar apologizes to his mom and tells that Mayura staged a large drama in order that I live farfar from her Papa’s chemical manufacturing facility. His mom asks him to live farfar from her, and says folks that can use their daughter for his or her motives, can’t be good.

Mayura asks Mr. Goswami approximately his manufacturing facility in Azaad Nagar. Mr. Goswami says sure and asks her now no longer to interfere. Just then Omkar comes there and shouts Mr. Goswami. Mayura says Omkar. Mr. Goswami asks how dare you’re taking my call? Omkar accuses him for the usage of his daughter to distract him. Mr. Goswami asks how dare you? Omkar asks him to invite Mayura. Mr. Goswami threatens to weigh down him. Omkar says I will spoil your ego in a moment. Mr. Goswami coughs and takes the water, however Omkar takes the glass and asks him to cancel his plan of putting in place the manufacturing facility. He says if basti human beings drink that water, then? He places sand in his glass from the pot and arms over the glass in Mr. Goswami’s hand. Sachin asks Mayura what did she do? Mayura says she didn’t do anything, I will visit university and speak to him, he have to be having a misunderstanding. Mr. Goswami says you’ll live at home. Mayura is going. Mr. Goswami asks Sachin to move and test the manufacturing facility work. Sachin says we have to have proven him his fee whilst he broke the manufacturing facility board. Read More……..