D.I.G. calls and educates him about dangers he has given to Mayura and Vishakha. He cautions Omkar that individuals he is taking care of are more impressive than him. Megha is holding up external Omkar’s home to meet him and sees police officers holding up there. Mayura reveals to Omkar he ought to figure out how to acknowledge rout now. He continues to gaze at her and yells Mayura. She reveals to him she isn’t anxious about him and says her name is Maya. He advises her to recall by and by who is Sangemarmar sartaj and what he can do. He trains his men to enrapture Mayura and Vishakha, anyway they escape from him.

Vishakha discloses to Mayura it was a taxing day yet as she had guaranteed if everything goes fine she can meet Tara. Omkar gets a bloom container and breaks iy frustratedly. He comes inside home and breaks things around. Megha looks from outside and sees everything. Omkar figures he will not allow Mayura to remove his girl. Mayura heats biscuits for Tara and Vishakha’s staff bring toys for Tara. Anyway Vishakha comes and illuminates her that she can’t go to meet Tara today as Omkar is holding up outside with some uncommon visitor. She likewise requests that Mayura change her standpoint as quickly as possible. The scene closes with Mayura’s stunned face. Read more