Pinjara Khubsurti Ka second January 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayura getting up toward the beginning of the day and reviewing Aishwarya’s words.. She understands such Omkar’s reality is at serious risk. The police constables come and take Mayura from that point. Mayura requests to drop her hand. Aishwarya sits in the vehicle and says Happy New Year to me. Mayura leaves her hand and hears her words. Aishwarya thinks driving is loads of fun. Investigator requests that Mayura advise her, how did she act with the Omkar? Mayura says I was secured a room around evening time. Manjeri says my child was absent from the night despite the fact that he was searching for Bali. Mayura says I requested that she let me go. Manjiri requests that the Inspector inquire as to whether Mayuri has done everything. The worker comes to him and reveals to Aishwarya that a vehicle is absent from the carport. Manjeri insults Mayura and captures the controller and requests that he admit to the wrongdoing. She says Mayura is desirous of her new multi. Aishwarya thinks 2021 is acceptable. Mayura requests that he let her go, and closes down to occupy Shankar, as she sees the controller’s weapon. Shankar goes to Manjari when he takes steps to shoot a firearm at the Mayura Inspector. She bolts them and goes out. She puts the gun on the top of the constable and requests that he give her the keys. He gives her the keys. Mayura sits in the vehicle and starts driving. Aishwarya is in the vehicle and as yet driving. Mayura considers where Omkar is and searches for him. She intends to utilize a police van radio to discover Omkar’s vehicle. She says on the radio to inform her as to whether somebody sees a silver shading vehicle and reveals to her the number. Aishwarya stops the vehicle, in which Manish is oblivious in the secondary lounge and Omkar is on the vehicle deck. Aishwarya stops the vehicle and figures I would prefer not to go down the valley. She discloses to Manish that she is oblivious and will be rebuffed for undermining her. Omkar is as yet oblivious.

Mayura gets data on the police telephone that somebody has seen the vehicle go past the dawn point. Mayura is stunned. Aishwarya pushes the vehicle and her telephone is as of now ringing. She quits pushing and clears out. She thinks if her telephone is on target she shouldn’t bring it. Mayura shows up there and believes that Aishwarya has done this, she takes Omkar in the vehicle. Manish picks up awareness and winds up in the vehicle. He gets down and figures he should flee.

Mayura is still in transit and I trust Omkar will be nothing to you. Omkar gets oblivious. Manish was driving out and about when the truck crashed into him and he was seriously harmed. The transporter and collaborator get down to take him to the medical clinic. The vehicle with the onker begins to move. Mayura’s jeep goes past Manish, yet she doesn’t see him. Omkar yells for help. Mayura tunes in to him and drops a police jeep. She runs behind the moving vehicle, yelling Omkar. Omkar sees her running and requests that she take him outside.

Manjiri inquires as to why I have not discovered my child yet. The investigator approaches in the event that we are searching for him. Aishwarya comes there and reveals to her that Mayura had kidnapped her around evening time when she went out to get natural air. Manjari stressed over Omkar. Aishwarya says there are numerous individuals with her, her sweetheart and thugs. Manjeri is stressed. Aishwarya imagines that this time Mayura also can’t save Omkar. Both Manish and Omkar kick the bucket. Mayura gets the stone and opens the deck totally. Omkar takes a gander at her and advises her to open her hand. He reveals to her he can’t move since her options are limited to the two legs. Mayura asks him not to frenzy and take a long breath. Omkar says the vehicle is going quick, take me out. She attempts to open the rope as she runs behind the vehicle. Omkar requests that she take him outside. She tosses pellets at the street. Bali is searching for an Omkar with the police. Manjeri petitions God to save Omkar. Shankar appeals to God for Mayura and Omkar. Mayura gets the marble and attempts to cut the rope. The Omkar takes a gander at her and reviews his minutes… .he recalls the awful conduct he had towards her and secured her an enclosure. Mayura battles to free her hands… and the tears that Omkar recalls all. Hamari Adhuri plays … I reveal to you I am Mayura and in the event that you were an Omkar I would have murdered you now. They state you saved me first and you attempted to save me. Mayura says that where there is scorn, there is love. They state I don’t mean to execute you and demonstrate this. She says I will never leave this and see the valley in front. Omkar says you are correct and I am off-base. It is my shortcoming for not confiding in you. He requests that she move past him. Mayura says I won’t allow you to become anything. The light goes out at Omkar’s home.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4 January 2021 Written Episode Update