The Episode begins with ACP Raghav requesting that Omkar sit in the PS. He gets some information about his hairdo and inquires as to whether loot is seen. Pandey says yes sir. Omkar gets up and requests that they talk, and let him go. He says I am blameless. ACP requests that he sit and asks assuming you are honest, for what valid reason were you fleeing. He gets some information about Omkar’s case. Monitor says nautanki. ACP Raghav tosses paper weight on him and says he is getting some information about the case and not his idea. Examiner says Vishaka is missing. Mayura says she isn’t missing, yet has gotten away. ACP says on the off chance that you are saying, it very well may be same. Mayura says on the off chance that she would have harmed by Omkar, we would have discovered her. ACP asks then for what valid reason blood is on your better half’s hand. Omkar says that doesn’t imply that something happened to

her. ACP says may be, assuming she is harmed, she can’t go far. We will proceed to look through her. ACP breaks the pecan hitting on the divider and offers Mayura. Mayura looks on. They come to haveli. Pandey shows the blood stains to ACP and says it is to redirect them. Omkar requests that Mayura go to Tara. ACP discloses to Pandey that they will have mangoes and asks Mayura who kept it here. Mayura says there is a nursery of mangoes here. ACP says gives up and have it. Mayura requests that he proceed to look through Vishaka. He lifts the grass and discovers a lady’s dead body under it. Everybody gets stunned. Raghav says mangoes may be brought for this utilization and tells that it is demonstrated that Omkar is the crook. Mayura asks Omkar what is this and requests that he say that he didn’t do this to Vishaka. ACP tells that the killer has obliterated her face, yet she looks like Vishaka. Investigator says yes. ACP says the dead individual will get harmony and requests that Pandey send body for post-mortem. He requests that Mayura say how to manage her significant other? He inquires as to whether he recalls that anything. Omkar says I didn’t do this, I can’t do this. He discloses to Mayura that he can’t slaughter anybody and requests that she trust him. ACP says we will go to PS and will begin everything from start and afterward you will remember everything, else I have the way. Omkar requests that Mayura trust him and says he is honest. ACP says he needs to enquire with everybody.

In the PS, Mayura asks Omkar how to deny that she saw Vishaka’s dead body. She requests that he swear on her and say that he didn’t do this. Omkar removes his hand from her head. Mayura asks what’s the significance here? Omkar says I can’t tell my blameless, yet will demonstrate it. He says on the off chance that Vishaka had done anything to Tara or her, he wouldn’t have thought even once prior to murdering her. He wipes her tears. Mayura holds his hand. Constable comes and says ACP is calling for cross examination. Sanjay gives his assertion to ACP and tells that he heard a shout in the haveli. ACP asks then what did you see? Sanjay drinks water. ACP asks what did you see? Sanjay says Omkar was hauling something. ACP asks what? Dead body? Sanjay says I don’t have a clue, yet it is something without a doubt.

Omkar thinks about Vishaka’s undermining words. ACP comes there and tosses water all over. He requests that he acknowledge his wrongdoing. Omkar says Vishaka’s dead body is found, so it isn’t demonstrated that I executed her. ACP says even you resemble all crook. Omkar says I can’t acknowledge the wrongdoing to be not quite the same as others. ACP undermines him and inquires as to whether he hauled Vishaka’s dead body.

Omkar says her face was harmed, so she probably won’t be Vishaka. ACP allows him 4 hours to acknowledge his wrongdoing, and says else I realize how to make you acknowledge. Read More…….