Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19 April 2021 Episode Written Update

The scene begins with Omkar revealing to Vishakha that she offered him a little electric stun and as a trade off he consumed her office, in the event that she doesn’t disclose to him where Mayura is, he will copy everything into remains. Vishakha gets stunned to see Mayura coming there. Be that as it may, at that point she says how is this stun alluding to Mayura and inquires as to whether its more grounded than the current. Mayura inquires as to whether he is so fretful to meet her. Omkar discloses to Mayura she is looking wonderful. He says his disdain is looking delightful on her. He says how could she eliminate the scar now as she used to say its her character. He says on the off chance that she would have done this previously, they wouldn’t need to go through everything. He reveals to her now for her narrow minded reasons she has eliminated her imprint.

Mayura says she has figured out how to get egotistical from Omkar. She says whatever she did neither can Omkar comprehend nor does she needs to disclose it to him. She advises him to trust that perfect time will know reality. He insults her for getting a kick out of the chance to remain caught in pen of excellence. Unexpectedly he hears Tara calling Papa and goes off the deep end attempting to discover her around. Mayura shows her telephone and says Tara is here. Omkar converses with Tara who says him she misses him. Mayura feels remorseful of isolating a girl from her dad. Omkar asks Tara where is she yet before she could say anything, call gets detached.


Omkar asks Mayura where is Tara, he says he needs to meet her. Mayura advises him in the event that he can understand what she has gone through in the previous five years when she was unable to meet her girl. Flashbacks are appeared of how Omkar got Tara far from Mayura. She says she has isolated Tara from him with the goal that she can improve life. Omkar demands getting back Tara. He undermines them saying if inside 5 seconds Mayura doesn’t educate him regarding Tara, he will torch Vishakha’s business and Mayura’s family down. Anyway Mayura is certain and smiles at him.


D.I.G. calls and educates him about dangers he has given to Mayura and Vishakha. He cautions Omkar that individuals he is taking care of are more impressive than him. Megha is holding up external Omkar’s home to meet him and sees police officers holding up there. Mayura reveals to Omkar he ought to figure out how to acknowledge rout now. He continues to gaze at her and yells Mayura. She reveals to him she isn’t anxious about him and says her name is Maya. He advises her to recall by and by who is Sangemarmar sartaj and what he can do. He trains his men to enrapture Mayura and Vishakha, anyway they escape from him. Read more…….


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