Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18 April 2021 Episode Written Update

Vishakha advises its chance to meet Maya. Mayura strolls on the stage and uncovers her face. Omkar gets dazed to see and contemplates whether Mayura eliminated her scar. Indeed, even Asutosh watches the show. Omkar reviews every one of the alerts Mayura had given him about winning Tara back. Omkar lights matchstick and consumes the TV. In any case, gets stunned to see another TV behind him. He gets hysteric and Vishakha snickers at him. Dadi and Ashutosh gets cheerful seeing Mayura and supplicate she gets fruitful in whatever she has been arranging.

Vishakha insults Omkar severely and ridicules him. Omkar discloses to Vishakha that she should control her language. He isn’t saying her much as she is lady. Anyway Vishakha inquires as to whether he thinks about that reality as he had kept a lady spellbound in confine. She discloses to him his demeanor will copy in the fire he has begun. She reveals to him now Maya urf Mayura will complete him. Maya certainly discourse about way females are treated by society. She says if a female is decided on her magnificence, it turns a revile for them. She tells now excellence and characters of a young lady will turn into a shelter for them. She tells all the pay from her show will be given for the ones who needs to get independence from different detainment facilities of life. She says ladies no more need to go through any torments rather its chance to show men a thing or two and give them discipline for their violations.


Omkar again gets some information about where is Mayura. Vishakha discloses to him she is arranged well and not scared of him. Omkar advises her soon she will get terrified of him. Vishakha gets a book and Omkar discloses to her office as well as he will copy down for what seems like forever. Read more……


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