Omkar receives flashbacks. He begins offevolved dancing with Mayura. They dance very romantically. Bela comes again and is bowled over seeing them dance. Mayura additionally receives flashbacks. Both are misplaced in every different. Mayura’s dad, brother, and Ishan’s mother input the house. Ishan’s mother is Vishaka (or her lookalike). Everyone claps. Mayura and Omkar go away every different earlier than Mayura’s dad or brother sees them. Bela is going to inform them, however Sachin dismisses her. He introduces her to Vishaka. Bela is going to get meals for Vishaka. Mayura’s dad and Sachin take Vishaka to different facet as there may be an excessive amount of noise.

is going to Mayura and says every now and then he doesn’t apprehend whether or not she’s appearing or she genuinely loves Omkar. It appeared as though she became taking part in dance with her. He reminds her what they stored birthday birthday celebration for and asks whether or not they’re executing their plan. Mayura says she’s having headache and is going to get medicine. Omkar wonders whether or not she additionally skilled what he did. He says he desires to speak to her.
Mayura’s dad offers Vishaka’s favourite wine to her. She says they did desirable studies. He says she should have accomplished desirable studies on them too and he hopes she can be able to spend money on their factories. She says she heard that locals are developing problems for the location. They have a pacesetter too. She tells them to oust the chief and he or she could be geared up to invest. Mayura’s dad says he’s going to cope with that.

Naina involves the birthday birthday celebration and meets Omkar. He’s amazed seeing her. She asks what’s he doing there? He became prepurported to be with her. He says he became approximately to depart. She asks why he lied to her and his mom. He says it became critical for him to return back. If he didn’t come, then don’t realize what Mayura might have accomplished. She asks meaning?

Mayura is in her room. She’s now no longer feeling desirable and continues recalling her dance and flashbacks. Dayimaa comes and asks whether or not she’s fine. She says she’s fine. Dayimaa asks whether or not she likes Omkar… She says it became only a everyday dance. Dayimaa says he’s a great guy. Mayura says she by no means met and he or she thinks he’s a great guy? Dayimaa says that he stored her from Sachin in advance and after they had been dancing, his eyes became announcing that he might do whatever for her, might combat with the complete world. When you meet a person like that, you shouldn’t allow such character cross away.

Naina tells Omkar that Mayura should be appearing. She’s lying. Omkar takes Mayura’s facet announcing why she might lie. What she can be able to get? Naina says that she doesn’t realize that, however Mayura isn’t always as harmless as she appears. He says enough, he won’t listen a phrase in opposition to Mayura. He asks why she’s overreacting. He simply got here to a birthday birthday celebration. She says he simply didn’t come to the birthday birthday celebration. He got here for Mayura. She asks he’s in love with her, right? She is unhappy as he shouted on her for Mayura. She tells him that Mayura will damage him and leaves from there. He wonders what’s occurring to him.

Vishaka meets Ishan. Omkar appears closer to that facet, however doesn’t see Vishaka clearly. Vishaka tells Ishan to introduce her to his buddy as she desires to depart for an pressing work. Ishan says, Mayura. Vishaka murmurs that he were given that call buddy only. Ishan says he’s going to cross and get Mayura.