Manjali takes a gander at photographs. She tosses them and says rubbish. They don’t have shining countenances. I need somebody excellent for my soon. I need a pixie. I need the most excellent face in this city for my child.

Manjali says Omkar adored Mayura’s magnificence right? I will change the face. He will get another lovely face. She snickers and says like your magnificence kicked the bucket, I will eliminate every one of your recollections from Omkar’s life.

You’re more simpleton than I suspected. Individuals would prefer not to see your face and you figure you will be their PCP? Get drained as of now. Mayura is frightened and in tears. Omkar says now your destiny is a dull room. That is the thing that I composed for you.

Try not to make a joke out of yourself. Piyush says don’t hear him out. He can’t stand your quality. Omkar says individuals can’t stand your face. Return home before they begin tossing stones at you.

Mayura is crying. Piyush says stride ahead. Omkar says all ways ahead are closed somewhere around me. You can just advance back. Piyush says stride ahead Mayura. Mayura reviews Piyush’s words. She steps advances.