Pandya store written update today:- The Episode begins offevolved with Shiva arguing with Prafulla. He receives a burning timber and threatens her. Prafulla screams and asks Gautam to stop. Gautam asks what are you doing, get returned Shiva. Prafulla runs away. Dhara says no want to provide an explanation for him, they have got grown up and feature their very own sense, permit him do something.

Pandya store written update

Shiva says you used to scold me constantly, you made me farfar from me, you’re preventing Gautam as well, how did you are making your coronary heart so hard. He burns his hand with the aid of using that burning timber stick. Shiva cries. Dhara receives shocked. She asks did you cross mad, go away the timber. Gautam turns and sees Shiva. Shiva says I m not anything to you, why do you care now, permit my hand burn. Dhara stops Gautam. She sees Raavi coming for Shiva.

Raavi runs to Shiva and forestalls him. She throws the stick. She sees his burnt hand. She takes

Shiva to use flour. Dhara cries. Dev and Rishita come there. Rishita says Shiva need to be a part of a drama company, he constantly does a drama. Gautam asks what occurred to you, how will you be so stone-hearted, examine Shiva, his hand burnt, its your mistake.

Shiva says no, don’t inform something to Dhara, I can apprehend her pain, if she didn’t come on seeing my hand burning, it method we made a large mistake, she is helpless to take this decision, I receive her each decision, till she modifications her decision, this residence will run as she wants. Dev says yes, it’ll be for our betterment, we can do she says. Gautam says you all were given mad, do something you need. He is going.

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Dev says you manipulate Gautam. Dhara cries. She is going to Gautam. She asks him now no longer to get angry. He asks why shall I pay attention to you. They argue. Shiva says you’re crying seeing a burn. Raavi says Dhara modified a lot, what’s going to occur if she takes her swear returned, its developing greater chaos withinside the residence. Dhara stops Gautam. Anita appears at them. He says if mum is aware of this reality from a person else, she could be so shocked, how are you going to deal with the problem now, I assume you don’t love me anymore. Anita smiles listening to him scold Dhara.

He says I by no means concept that your tension could be greater than my love, you display this listing to mum, inform me in case you want something greater. He is going. Shiva scolds Raavi. He says Dhara will by no means assume incorrect for this own circle of relatives, she is doing this for our betterment, I will constantly assist her. He warns her and leaves her hand. Raavi appears at him. She says you need to have thanked me.

Rishita attempts to get near Dev. Dev makes her away. She says I m very sorry, examine me, I even have worn this chain additionally. He says exact, hold that 9000rs for your neck additionally, it’s going to appearance exact. He is going. Krish sees Shiva and Dev upset. He attempts to cheer them. Shiva scolds him. Gautam comes. He says Shiva, you take a look at the grains I ordered, you don’t want to pay money. He says Dev, Dhara and I will visit the temple, pandit stated newly weds need to get the holy water in kalash. He asks Krish to get Suman to the temple. He scolds Shiva for his hearthplace stunt. Shiva says sorry, I won’t try this again. He hugs Gautam.

Dev says forgive me too approximately Rishita’s behavior. Gautam says don’t worry, Rishita doesn’t assume and talk, this residence is due to you all. He hugs them. Krish says you forgot me again. Gautam says you furthermore may come. They all hug. Rishita comes there and sees them. She receives angry. Raavi additionally appears on and smiles. Raavi sees Rishita. Rishita says they need an excuse to hug. Raavi says some thing exact occurred today. Anita thinks I gets Gautam, your adorable own circle of relatives is the manner to attain him.

Suman asks Dhara to inform her what she desired to say. Dhara massages her feet. She talks to Suman. Dhara says I even have divided the own circle of relatives. Suman appears at her.