The scene begins with Raavi denouncing Dhara. Dhara says that life will get dreary on the off chance that it goes as indicated by our desire. The high points and low points in life make it fascinating and guarantees Raavi that all will be great. Janardhan’s men watch out for Gautam’s family. A man illuminates Janardhan that they’re going out. Janardhan requests that the man finish his work before the dusk. Gautam has brought suits and sarees for Rishita. Dhara requests that Dev offer it to Rishita. Dev asks what’s the requirement for this. Dhara says it’s shagun for Rishita from her family side. As she doesn’t might suspect her family will give it. In this way, she requested that Gautam get it for Rishita. Dev says thanks to Dhara and Gautam and embraces them. Shiva attempts to leave.

Dev stops him and says that whatever occurs, he’s his sibling and that reality won’t ever change. Dev embraces him. They all offer a gathering embrace. Krish says that they fail to remember him once more. Krish embraces them. Dhara requests that Dev give the dresses to Rishita and prepare for Puja. Dev gestures and leaves. Dhara requests that Shiva prepare and wear new garments.

Rishita’s bua, Kamini, prevents Kalyani from having food and inquires as to whether Rishita becomes acquainted with that she’s wiped out and video calls her, she can track down her frail. Bua asks her additionally to diminish her make up. Dev gives the sarees to Rishita. Rishita likes the sarees.

She thinks Dev got them for her and says thanks to him. Dev requests that she say thanks to Dhara as she got the sarees for her. Dev says that this is his family, they put others satisfaction before their joy. He requests that she prepare for Puja. Kamini telephones Dev. Dev says that they’re not terrified of their dangers and requests that she cut the call. Kamini says that Kalyani isn’t well. Dev gives the telephone to Rishita. Rishita says that she saw such scenes in film, she’s not a child, she understands how they will manage her, in the event that she will get back home. She cuts the call. Kamini discloses to Kalyani that the current age is exceptionally savvy. Kalyani comprehends that her arrangement fizzled.

Dhara asks Shiva for what valid reason he didn’t wear Kurta. Shiva says that he got exhausted wearing wedding garments and in addition he prefers this dress. Gautam brings Suman there. Shiva and Raavi take Suman’s favors independently. Suman requests that they walk together like a couple. Dev and Rishita take Suman’s gifts. They all leave for sanctuary.

Rishita cheerfully sits on the bicycle with Dev. Raavi wonders whether or not to sit recalling her contentions with Shiva. Shiva requests that she sit. The siblings drive off. Shiva’s bicycle doesn’t begin. Shiva requests that Raavi get down so he can check the issue. Shiva gets upset with daylight. Raavi shrouds the daylight with her saree pallu. She requests that he make it quick. Shiva fixes the issue and they drive off. Janardhan’s men follow them.

Gautam and Dhara are in the sanctuary. Gautam goes to God for his siblings and for Dhara and her bliss. He wishes to get Dhara as his better half in for his entire lives. He fills her temple with vermilion. Gautam says that she generally petition God for other people and asks nothing for herself, so he appealed to God for her. In the mean time Janardhan’s men block Shiva and Raavi’s way. Raavi holds Shiva’s shoulder firmly getting terrified. Shiva signs Raavi to get down. Read more…….