Pandya Store 17 April 2021 Episode Written Update

Shiva denies. Dhara gives her swear and requests that he head inside. Shiva says that the two of them are taking benefits of his affection for them. Dhara demands Shiva not to battle with Raavi. He says he will attempt and leaves.

Then Anita assists Hardik with discovering his wallet. Anita slips and is going to fall. Hardik holds her. Anita gives him the wallet and he says thanks to her. Opposite side, Rishita embraces Dev saying she can’t rest. She says that she heard men change after marriage. She advises him that he adored her definitely and asks what happened today that he can’t have a flattery with her. Dev says that he actually cherishes her parcel, however the conditions aren’t right. He requests that she comprehend and acknowledge his family. Rishita gets vexed and says that she needs to get everybody, except nobody gets her. Shiva comes to Raavi. Raavi asks what he’s doing here.


Raavi blames Shiva for wedding her purposely to torment her. Shiva says that they disdain one another. Raavi insults Rishita saying that she didn’t praise her wedding night inspite of doing adore marriage. Rishita looks on. Read more……


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