Nima is unluckily sitting int he chawl. She writes chits and chooses on. The chit says she need to now no longer abort. Suresh comes there and asks if the whole thing is fine? You want to relaxation and we can visit the medical institution day after today in your abortion, this toddler may be risky in your existence. Nima seems on.

Sunita meets Tulika and her brother. He says I am now no longer an excellent guy and might mess Suresh’s existence if he doesn’t take delivery of my sister. Sunita says they may abort the toddler. Tulika says it’s higher if she continues the toddler after which die. She tells Sunita which you advised me I gets married to Suresh so how come Nima were given pregnant? Sunita says I can’t hold an eye fixed on them all of the time. Tulika seems on.

Nima and Suresh are withinside the medical institution. He asks what are you thinking? She says nothing, you’re with me so the whole thing is fine. The nurse asks Nima to return back for the abortion. Nima cries and says I can’t kill the toddler, this toddler is ours so I can’t kill it. Suresh says do you need to die? I will now no longer forgive myself if some thing takes place to you.

Nima says if I should percentage you with a person else then I will die anyway. I can’t percentage you with a person else. You are mine only. God will shield us, simply deliver a closing hazard to us. I observed the chit which stated to now no longer abort the toddler.

Suresh says this chit sport is useless. Nima says I left my mother and father due to that sport, I married you due to that. It’s a part of our existence so let’s go along with the flow.