Tulika sees Sia withinside the residence and says I will come up with goodies however all you need to do is to sleep among your mother and father each night. Nima and Suresh come home. Tulika asks Nima to take a seat down down, she need to be in ache after the abortion. Suresh says we’ve got taken a decision, we can hold this toddler. I recognize it’s volatile however this toddler is a wish for us. I am certain this could be a boy.

Sunita says what if it’s a lady again? You might be careworn through three women. Tulika’s brother shouts at them to forestall all this drama. Suresh says simply deliver me a hazard, Nima is taking a hazard of her existence so simply deliver us one hazard, it will likely be the justice for Tulika also. If we don’t have a boy then I will marry Tulika. She simply has to look forward to 7 months. Tulika says I will look forward to 7 months, she leaves together along with her brother. Sunita glares at them and leaves. Suresh sits with Nima. She says I can’t consider that is all real. Suresh smiles and says me also. He hugs her.

Nima involves the mandir and prays for her toddler. Tulika comes there and says all people involves pray here. What did you ask bappa? You need to have requested for a boy however you can’t win Suresh, simply forestall dreaming as I am praying which you get a lady… I assume you need to die. Nima smiles and says women aren’t bad, my women are my lives. She leaves.

Nima is operating withinside the residence however Suresh allows her filling the buckets. Suresh tells Sunita that we can do all paintings withinside the residence, Nima desires relaxation. Nima says I turned into pregnant 2 instances earlier than also. Nima and her own circle of relatives exit for an outing. As the time is going through, Suresh allows Nima lengthy the way… the time flies through and Nima’s transport time arrives.

Suresh and his own circle of relatives is ready withinside the medical institution. Tulika is there too. The nurse tells Suresh that patient’s situation isn’t stable, we try our best. Suresh is concerned for Nima. Tulika says I will live here, it’s approximately our fates. The medical doctor comes out and tells Suresh that toddler and Nima each are out of threat now. Suresh asks if it’s a boy? The medical doctor says no, it’s a small lady. Suresh is stunned. Sia involves Nima who’s nevertheless unconscious. Suresh scolds her and she or he leaves. Suresh says I actually have lost, I can’t combat anymore, the destiny cheated us however how can I cheat you? I idea this hazard will carry happiness in our lives. I attempted to combat my mom plenty, I attempted plenty however how can I anymore? he recollects his moments with Nima. He cries and attempts to keep her hand however then leaves.