The scene begins with Swamiyadi revealing to them that she has submitted a serious mix-up. She requests that she trust Goddess and leaves. Pushba thinks about what botch she has submitted. She appeals to Goddess to pardon her on the off chance that she has done anything inadvertently. At the workplace, Chandra gets irate discovering that they lost the delicate. The organization who won the delicate cited 100 Rs short of what them. Chandra advises the equivalent to Meera.

The last prompts Chandra against Anu. She tells there is no way for the data to get spilled, Anu can never do this since she’s reliable, yet on the off chance that he has any uncertainty on Anu, he should converse with her. Chandra advises Meera to request that Anu accompany the delicate record. Meera calls Anu. She smiles believing that she effectively turned Chandra’S consideration on Anu. She additionally calls Pankaj to the meeting lobby. The representative can’t help thinking about what’s going on.

In the meeting lobby, Chandra discloses to Anu he believed her yet she refuted him. Anu cries. She tells there’s no possibility for the data to get spilled as she kept the record securely at her home. Anu continues saying to trust her. Meera accuses Anu. Pankaj says they need to address Anu to discover reality.

Meera clarifies according to organization’s standard, they need to check Anu’s home. In the event that they discover cash or things during the inquiry, the individual being referred to will be enquired, if there should arise an occurrence of not getting any appropriate clarification, that individual will be viewed as blameworthy. Anu argues not to look through her home, as her folks couldn’t bear this. Meera says they need to observe organization’s principles.

At Surya’s home, Surya says he has composed all he requires to tell Anu, when he will meet her, yet he doesn’t have the foggiest idea whether he would have the option to communicate everything, as he becomes astounded seeing her. In the event that she hadn’t blacked out, he would have admitted his affection for her. He says he trust her. Sharda discloses to Surya that he is at last going to office. She requests to manage Chandra as he’s unpracticed. Surya says he confides in Chandra that he will have the option to deal with the duties. He leaves.

Mansi asks him where he is going. Surya says he’s going to office. She insults him. She says he doesn’t confide in Chandra so he’s going to office. Surya says he’s going for some significant work. Mansi requests to allow Chandra to substantiate himself. Otherside, the representatives from Anu’s office go to Anu’s home. They disclose to Pushba that they got a protest on Anu for false activités so they have come to check their home. Pushba cries.

They request that she help out them serenely else Anu will lose her employment. They inquire as to whether Anu had brought any office record to home to which Pushba answers yes. They at that point inquire as to whether any dubious individuals visited their home. Pushba says no. They request that her authorization search the house, else they need to call police. Pushba cries. She requests that they search. She reveals to her girl isn’t that way. The workers begin looking while Pushba illuminates Subu about the equivalent.

Air Date : 5th January, 2021

January 5, 2021 :Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Today Episode Start with..In Progress….