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scene begins with Anu getting energized seeing Surya. The last says he has come to perceive how Anu is getting along. Anu considers how to ask Surya with respect to the jasmine blossom. She requests that her mother make tea. Pushba makes the yellow string fall while taking cash from puja room. Surya sees the equivalent. Pushba advises Surya and goes to purchase milk. He thinks the weaving on the T-shirt was made with a similar shading string. He thinks about how to ask Anu with respect to this. He asks Anu what’s next. Anu tells she got dumbfounded seeing him here. She requests that he tell. Surya prepares to leave. Anu gets vexed that he’s leaving right away. She expresses gratitude toward him for visiting her. Anu goes with him till his vehicle. Surya gets some information about her wellbeing. Anu says she’s fine. Ragupathi sees Surya and Anu together. Anu again expresses gratitude toward Surya. The last says she either expresses gratitude toward him or apologizes to him as he’s an outsider. Anu apologizes to him once more. Surya asks when she got back yesterday. Anu tells she arrived at home late. Surya inquires as to whether she has gone to his home to which Anu tells she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where’s his home. She is sorry to him for not having the option to come for the capacity. At the point when Surya asks again a similar inquiry, Anu indignantly responds. She says Pankaj dropped her at home and she doesn’t recollect that. Her mother advised her. Surya requests that she chill off. He disappears. Unexpectedly Anu recalls that she didn’t get some information about the jasmine blossom in the case.

At the workplace, Surya and Pankaj are in gathering lobby. Surya asks Pankaj for what valid reason he’s not talking taking a gander at him. He tells a saying. He further tells everybody is concealing something from him. He won’t go to the workplace from tomorrow so they can talk uninhibitedly and need not to conceal anything. Surya glances around genuinely and leaves. Pankaj gets down on Surya however the last leaves.

Anu, Ramya and Sambath are in the porch examining about Surya. Ramya inquires as to why she didn’t get some information about the jasmine. Anu tells she was unable to inquire. At the point when she sees him, she gets dumbfounded. Anu further tells she doesn’t comprehend, why Surya asked over and over on the off chance that she had gone to his home. She at that point discloses to Surya told he will communicate his emotions when the plant will sprout which implies he loves her. Ramya recommended to converse with Surya to clear the disarray.

In the evening, Anu doesn’t get rest. She reviews Ramya’s recommendation to converse with Surya. She takes the telephone to consider Surya yet adjusts her perspective reasoning he may get stressed in the event that he calls him late evening. At Surya’s home, Surya is additionally contemplating Anu. He thinks why Anu swooned. She doesn’t recollect that she had gone to his home, however he’s certain that he saw her. Pankja must’ve known something which he would not like to uncover to him. He says he doesn’t comprehend what’s going on. He considers calling Anu, however he would not like to upset her so he drops that thought. He thinks about how to meet and converse with Anu, as from tomorrow he won’t go to the workplace.

Chandra goes to the workplace. He sits on the seat. He thinks he never felt so much satisfaction while sitting in this seat previously. Surya is extraordinary, he has offered everything to him. Meera comes there. They examine about a high benefit delicate. Meera requests that Chandra quote the delicate sum. Meera requests that Chandra keep the record with him securely as it’s exceptionally classified. Chandra says he can’t keep it as he will be occupied so he requests that Meera call Anu. He says she’s exceptionally reliable and finished all the work given to her. Meera gets aggravated. She calls Anu to Chandra’s lodge. Anu is befuddled hearing Chandra’s lodge. Her partners reveal to her that Surya hasn’t get back home and Chandra has come. Anu looks on.

Surya is sitting taking a gander at the T-shirt. Sharda comes there. She requests that he go to the workplace failing to remember everything. Surya says he won’t the workplace. Sharda advises Chandra couldn’t have the option to deal with the obligation as he is youthful. Surya guarantees her that he has sure that he will deal with the business. Sharda asks him for what valid reason he’s disturbed. Surya inquires as to for what reason do we feel tricked when a nearby individual conceals something from us. Sharda inquires as to whether he’s discussing Pankaj.

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