Namak Issk Ka 7 April 2021 Episode Written Update

Rani is perched on a recreation center seat. Raunak’s men illuminate him that he has discovered Rani nad Raunak advises him to watch out for her. The specialist starts Kahani’s treatment. Yug thinks the facts demonstrate that Kahani,Rani and Lucky needed to leave on day or other. Specialist tells we have done whatever we could and now everything is in God’s grasp. The woman implores God and requests him to take care from Kahani.

Kahani acquires cognizance and gets stressed over Rani. Raunak’s men propose him to assault Rani and if Kahani is around she will come to save her. Kahani is strolling towards Rani. Yug saves Rani from getting hit by a vehicle. Kahani is grabbed by somebody. Yug advises Rani to get back home with him. Rani expresses gratitude toward him for saving her life yet she will not accompany him. Yug takes her powerfully with him.


Kahani asks the woman for what valid reason did she prevent him from meeting Yug? Kahani expresses gratitude toward her for saving her life,the woman reveals to you love him so let him sit tight for you now and then distance is useful for affection. Kahani tells I couldn’t say whether Yug loves me. The woman advises Kahani to accompany her and if Yug loves you he will discover you and advise his sentiments to you. Juhi tells she can’t trust Kahani went out so without any problem. Patanga discloses to Dolly that Yug wedded Kahani strongly so how is Kahani wrong?


Yug brings Rani home. Grandma advises would you like to receive her? Yug tells how might I mother advise her to take off from this house? Raunak advises Yug do you converse with mother this way? Yug reveals to Raunak a vehicle was going to run over Kahani,I suppose you know the driver? Yug advises if everybody will address him he will ask them back and they dislike it. Saroj discloses to Dolly we are not, at this point hungry. Gunjan advises you can’t comprehend what we are attempting to say now so first leave Rani with Kahani.

Patanga tells I am this present house’s worker so I need to tune in to Saroj or, in all likelihood I would have taken care of you. Rani inquires as to for what reason did you bring me here? Presently you need to remain hungry as a result of me. Yug requests that she plunk down he will bring nourishment for her. Kahani reveals to her story to the woman. She tells my little girl comitted self destruction since I didn’t acknowledge her adoration. She comes clean with my little girl revealed to me when she was smashed and Yug did likewise. Saroj reveals to Ravikant that Yug was my confidence pride and now everything is breaking. I never needed to advise him anything,he took a gander at me and got everything except for now I am yelling he actually can’t tune in. Yug tells Saroj will not she take a gander at him?


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