Namak Issk Ka 6 May 2021 Written Updates

The scene starts with Yug telling we don’t have any force on our past so he doesn’t mind what occurred in past. Yug tells he is an ordinary individual so he was furious when came to think about the early termination however Yug thought if Kahani would have pardoned me if the error would have been made by me. Kahani tells she would have been harmed a ton yet she would have remained with Yug. Yug tells he will do likewise. Yug tells he cherishes Kahani genuinely and Kahani is his and he is a piece of every one of her mix-ups.

Yug reveals to Kahani committed an error so he will pardon her however he will remain close by. Yug tells Kahani will not go anyplace from his life or his home. Yug advises Dolly to make tea for everyone,today he will drink tea with his significant other and whole family. Gunjan explains why simply make tea,distribute desserts all over. Yug reveals to Gunjan he grew up yet she is as yet a child. Saroj slaps Yug and asks would you say you are a man’s child? Yug tells he is offspring of his mom so how might he leave Kahani? Raunak advises he knows to deal with his family like mother. Iravati comes clean with Raunak is telling. Raunak advises he offered cash to Kahani for getting cut off. Rupa figures Raunak will consistently think about his benefit and her choice of leaving him is totally right.


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Yug advises Kahani to excuse him in light of what he said to her in emergency clinic. Yug tells in this general public we generally fault the young lady. We giggle and disregard the young men botch yet we reprimand the young lady for every one of her errors. Yug informs when Rupa advised me regarding the fetus removal he was furious just on Kahani yet he wasn’t right in light of the fact that there was no affection in his indignation. Yug tells he neglected love is unadulterated gold yet he will not fail to remember it. Kahani advises him not to request pardoning and embraces him with Oo Sajanva playing in foundation. Yug discloses to one day all that will be okay and from now we are one until the end of time. Yug kisses Kahani on forhead. Saroj and Dolly watch Yug and Kahani embrace one another.

Cart tells she figured Yug will push Kahani out of house however they are considerably more nearer. Iravati discloses to Raunak today you turned into a piece of the game however now you should know the guidelines. Rupa recollects Kahani calling her senior sister and she reveals to Iravati that she can’t proceed with this any longer. Iravati advises you are my girl so continue to hold my fingers or she will show her out of the house.


Yug calls everybody first floor and tells from today Kahani is additionally an individual from this family and she will eat with us on feasting table. Gunjan determines what will befall me? What will happen to my mangalsutra and what will befall our connection? Kahani tells acknowledge your destiny and push ahead and apologizes to her. Iravati advises Gunjan to quit giving self destruction dangers and the scene closes with Iravati advising Gunjan not to give dangers and return to her room. Read More……


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