The scene begins with Kahani telling Yug is now stressed so allowed me to unwind for some time. Kahani advises Yug to accompany her outside with him. Gunjan explains for what reason would Yug go with you? Kahani discloses to Iravati will respond to your inquiries. Raunak discloses to Iravati for what reason would you say you are quiet today? Kahani reveals to Iravati will disclose to you when she needs to and leaves with Yug. Gunjan asks Iravati where did you discover Yug? Grandma inquires as to whether she will talk anything? Rupa tells neither Kahani said anything nor Iravati. Yug asks Kahani what was the deal? Kahani discloses to it will be exceptionally hard for you to accept what she will advise him next.

Kahani advises everything to Yug in subtleties. Gunjan tells Kahani took Yug before everybody and nobody said anything. Ravikant thinks possibly Kahani discovered Iravati’s fact. Kahani reveals to Yug that Iravati has become a risk for your family. Yug tells how might you express this things in this day and age? Panditji brings a piece of the messed up glass bottle in which Yug was caught and requests that Yug attempt to recall. Kahani tells she censured Yug twice for attempting to slaughter her yet he was unable to recollect in light of the fact that Iravati was causing him to do this.

Kahani advises she would not like to include Yug in this however Iravati has become a threat for his family. Yug advises he needs to converse with Iravati. Panditji advises your family will not have the option to accept what you saw. Yug calls Iravati. Iravati figures Kahani may have said everything to Yug. Yug reveals to Iravati how could he vanish and how did Kahani got injured? He mentions to Iravati to mention to everybody how she managed his affection and trust.

Yug advises everybody that Iravati has superpowers to control anybody and she utilized those forces to catch me. Yug reveals to Kahani took a chance with her life to save me and this is Iravati’s fact. Iravati discloses to Saroj when Yug was youthful we used to take him to class and you used to tell he will end up being a researcher. Iravati tells Yug has become a manikin for Kahani. Iravati discloses to Kahani’s magnificence has caught you Yug. Yug reveals to Iravati you are doing some unacceptable the thing by concealing your reality. Iravati denies every one of the allegations and tells everybody Yug has hitched Kahani and in the event that somebody can’t accept as Saroj. Raunak tells there may be some misconception. Iravati discloses to Yug used to cherish Gunjan so much,how could he wed Kahani?

Gunjan asks Yug how is it possible that he would do this? Yug tells he adores Kahani and holds Kahani’s hand. He discloses to Gunjan he is unfortunately he can’t live without Kahani. Yug educates he was regarding to advise this to everybody. Yug reveals to Saroj you requested that I avoid the house so I was sneaking with regard to the house with Kahani however today I will leave before everybody for eternity. Rupa discloses to Yug you can’t take off from the house this way. Yug advises Rupa to deal with herself and he educates whatever he came clean with concerning Iravati was and in the event that they would prefer not to trust it is their choice. The scene closes on stunned face of Iravati. Read More…….