The scene starts with Yug and Kahani going out. Gunjan focuses a firearm at Yug and Kahani. Gunjan advises everybody not to move from their place or she will shoot. Gunjan tells Yug can leave yet Kahani will not leave today. Yug tells he is Kahani’s significant other and any trouble needs to confront him prior to arriving at Kahani. Kahani advises Gunjan to murder her. Gunjan discloses to Yug you will not allow me to slaughter Kahani, she can’t murder Yug however she can off herself and focuses the firearm at her own head. Kahani tosses bangles and the weapon drops on floor. Yug and Gunjan battle to take the firearm and it shoot coincidentally.

Everybody looks stunned as Gunjan gets fired and begins seeping with the weapon in Yug’s grasp. Gunjan blacks out and falls on the floor. Raunak advises Yug to take her to medical clinic quick. Yug hurls the weapon and picks Gunjan. They surge Gunjan to medical clinic and she is taken inside the working room. Yug advises the specialist to save Gunjan’s life. Juhi discloses to Yug you fired Gunjan for Kahani. Yug advises it was a mishap. Iravati discloses to you shot my girl so now you are a crook and you can’t leave anyplace with your decision.

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Police comes and advises they need to record Gunjan’s assertion. Iravati advises you did the slip-up of battling with me however now Yug will get the discipline and he will go jail. Kahani thinks if police discovered the firearm he will go to prison however in the event that police discover my unique mark on the weapon Yug will be saved. Rupa advises Iravati not to stress. Medical caretaker asks Rupa you came here for early termination few days prior yet abandoned cutting off? She tells I recollect your name is Kahani. Iravati discloses to her name is Rupa. Iravati requests that Rupa come clean. Rupa advises I came here to get cut short and composed Kahani’s name so nobody gets some answers concerning this.

Iravati advises Rupa to snap a photo of the register where she thought of her name as Kahani. Yug has a go at calling Kahani yet she doesn’t get the call. Raunak tells today he will chat with you and you need to tune in. Raunak tells today when you are enamored with Kahani isn’t out family’s name getting demolished? Raunak advises you have become an expert husband to be and marriage has become your profession.

Kahani gets back to the house and starts searching for the firearm. She discovers the weapon lying on ground and is going to get it however Iravati gets it with a cloth. Iravati advises it is futile to attempt to save Yug now. Kahani advises to send her to imprison. Iravati reveals to Yug will save you from jail. Kahani tells she will not allow him to save her. Iravati advises she needs to make an arrangement and advises as per this papers you got cut short a couple of days prior. At the point when Yug will get some information about it you will acknowledge getting cut short and you will reveal to him that Raunak was the dad of this child.

Iravati tells when you will fall in Yug’s eyes just than Gunjan can have this spot. Kahani tells even you are a ladies how might you do this to me? Iravati tells she is poison and if Kahani will not acknowledge the arrangement Yug will go to jail for a very long time. Kahani tells she will do whatever Iravati says simply don’t allow anything to happen to Yug. The scene closes with Iravati advising right now is an ideal opportunity to make penance and showing Gunjan’s assertion to Kahani. Read More……