You have opened my eyes. Kahani says don’t express regret to me. Saroj says don’t forestall me, what you’ve got got accomplished for me has made me alive again.

I even have were given my marital reputation again and a daughter like you. She hugs Kahani and says quickly I becomes a dadi. Kahani blushes.

Dadi makes Satya devour and says quickly I gets to fulfill my son after years due to you only. Ravi comes and sits with them.

Satya says I don’t believe Iravati at all, I don’t suppose she can be able to make us meet Yug’s father tomorrow. Dadi says she can’t conceal the reality for long, we can meet him for sure. Satya hugs her and says yes, we can.
Iravati tells Ronak that this all began out with an coincidence so I will quit it with an coincidence. Read More…….