Kahani is crying in her room. Yug comes there. Kahani says what’s his opinion about me? He needs to get me with his cash? I did this for Rupa however I will do nothing for Ravi. Yug says he would not like to hurt you, you continued searching for your dad, he is embarrassed about his deeds and needs to give you love however you are abhorring him? In the event that you continue to detest him, you won’t ever continue onward. Kahani says bizarre thing is your dad left you for an artist,

my dad left me so I needed to turn into an artist. Yug says we can’t live previously, your dad needs to redress his error, wouldn’t you be able to allow him an opportunity? Simply imagine that your dad is much better compared to mine who left me and my mother. Is there whatever Ravi baba can get done for you? Kahani says there is one thing that he can do.

Iravati comes to Ravi and asks what is this show? Ravi says Kahani is my girl so I can do anything for her. Iravati says remember that your Kahani grabbed our Gunjan’s significant other. Ravi says remember that Gunjan grabbed Kahani’s better half. Iravati says you continue to discover botches in my girls that is the reason you needed to leave me years prior. Ravi says I never needed to leave my family. Iravati says your legs just got fine so watch out. Ravi says I need to advise your fact to everybody except I am bearing you.

Iravati says you can advise them yet then I will take out outrage on your significant other and another little girl. Ravi says no, I love Rupa and Gunjan yet I can’t get some distance from Kahani again as a result of you. Kahani comes there and says I needn’t bother with your cash or business however guarantee me in the event that I need your assistance, you will not move back? Ravi says never, can you pardon me then, at that point? Kahani says I will attempt, she goes from that point. Iravati says you ought to be inside your cutoff points and perhaps I will enlighten you regarding your other spouse and little girl. Read More…