Namak Issk Ka 21 June 2021 Written Update : Saroj says yet I can just see him in you. Would i be able to inquire as to why Gunjan was not in your room yesterday night? You were unable to impart the space to her on the primary evening? You rested alone? Yug figures Maa doesn’t realize that Kahani was with me last evening. Saroj says each mother needs her child to resemble his dad yet I have attempted for what seems like forever for you to be not quite the same, however him see fit bomb me now. I don’t need you to obliterate a young lady’s life, don’t annihilate Gunjan’s life. I have lived with his discipline as a spouse however don’t give me this discipline as a mother. Yug embraces her and says don’t say all that.

Rupa advises everything to Kahani. Kahani says they all played this game with me? Rupa says indeed, they all incited you against one another that is the reason I secured you both a room so you both could talk. Kahani says for what reason didn’t you disclose to me this previously? Rupa says it’s hard to battle my own family. I took some time in making some noise however you both got isolated before I could do anything. In the event that I had remained quiet now, things would have turned out badly.

Kahani says that question and answer session was their arrangement as well? Rupa says possibly. She says seeing brutality occurring and being quiet made me a greater criminal yet not any longer. I will assist you with getting Yug back. Kahani cries and says thank you for doing this for me. Rupa says you don’t accept me as my sister that is the reason you didn’t battle me with the option to be with you. You are saying thanks to me since I am not your genuine sister. Kahani says it’s anything but like that didi.. Rupa cries and embraces her.