Kahani offers their key and lock to Saroj. She says I need you to fasten all of your concerns away now. Yug items her a saree and says you must put on it whilst you meet baba tomorrow. Kahani says he could see her splendor tomorrow. Saroj hugs them and smile.

Ronak tempers with the own circle of relatives vehicle. The own circle of relatives arrives there. Iravati smirks. Kahani, Satya and Yug take a seat down in a single vehicle. Iravati drives away with Saroj and Ronak.

Rupa continues to be withinside the residence and runs in the back of the vehicles however they go away with out her. Ronak talks to Iravati approximately failing Yug’s vehicle brakes.

Yug is attempting to move his vehicle however he can’t observe brakes. Suddenly his vehicle hits and they’re in an coincidence.