Saroj explains for what reason didn’t you assault Kahani straightforwardly? Iravati tells Kahani has just a single shortcoming and that is Yug. Raunak tells Ravikant there is some turn in story. Saroj reveals to Iravati your way is wrong,Yug continues to battle.

Saroj tells she revealed to Yug that after today Iravati will not damage Yug yet she didn’t advise that whatever must be done can’t avoid being finished by her. Saroj advises she will utilize love to obliterate Kahani. Saroj advises Iravati to confide in her that Gunjan will turn into this present house’s little girl in-law.

Saroj advises Iravati to apologize to Yug and Kahani. Saroj tells she has concluded Kahani will turn into this current family’s little girl in law. Saroj reveals to Kahani she generally considered her liable for everything except for now she will give her affection. Saroj advises Iravati to recollect her guarantee.

Rupa tells she can’t partake in Kahani’s inviting ceremonies. Gunjan advises Iravati to talk something. Saroj advises Yug and Kahani to prepare. Yug discloses to Saroj you have acknowledged Kahani and we needn’t bother with much else. The scene closes with Saroj leaving with Iravati.