The episode begins offevolved with Karan telling Yug that Satya’s intentions aren’t good. Rupa tells him to mention clearly. Karan calls Satya a fraud. Karan tells Kahani instructed him to marry Gunjan if he desires to turn out to be an actor. Karan tells she faked to turn out to be subconscious in temple. Satya tells he’s lying. Karan tells saving Iravati’s handbag from thief and saving Gunjan’s existence had been all Satya’s plan. Satya tells Rupa to accept as true with her she is telling the truth. Iravati thinks now no person will accept as true with her.

Kahani thinks why hasn’t Satya lower back yet. Karan tells Satya desires to throw Gunjan out of the house. Karan tells Satya you may cheat together along with your husband however he can not cheat together along with his boss so he won’t lie anymore. Yug slaps Karan and tells if he utters some thing in opposition to Satya he’ll kill him. Iravati tells Satya turned into the use of Gunjan and she or he have to be punished. Yug tells he’ll consider his spouse and tells Karan to get out of the house. Gunjan tells Yug doesn’t fear even a bit approximately me. Saroj tells her now no longer to fear she issues approximately her. Iravati and Grandmother insult Satya.

Gunjan apologizes to Saroj due to the fact she needed to visit jail due to her however asks Saroj to guide her. Saroj tells Gunjan is like her daughter and whoever bothers her she can be able to now no longer forgive her. Yug tells Rupa the female interior isn’t Kahani however a imposter. Rupa asks how can he be so sure? Yug tells he tied moli on Kahani’s hand and for the duration of Tandav it turned into on her hand however this female doesn’t. He tells he’ll discover Kahani anyways and asks Rupa to guide him. Saroj tells Yug to determine what he has to do with Kahani.

Kahani thinks Satya isn’t her sister in any other case she could now no longer have cheated on her like this. Yug tells Gunjan blackmailed Kahani and did such a lot of errors however she turned into now no longer punished and now they need to punish Kahani? Rupa tells we forgive Gunjan everytime so nowadays we can do the equal with Kahani. Satya apologizes to Iravati and leaves from there. Kahani begins offevolved digging the wall tougher and thinks she can be able to break out on her own. Satya comes searching out Kahani withinside the basement however Iravati locks her withinside the room. Iravati plans to make Yug accept as true with Satya kidnapped or killed Kahani.

Ravikant tells Yug that this female can not be Kahani. He tells the day prior to this she turned into thinking approximately her mom and sister like she is speakme with him for the primary time. Yug thinks she is absolutely an imposter. Iravati tells anyone is there in basement. Everybody goes toward basement however Kahani jewelry the bell and faints in Yug’s arms. Iravati tells Gunjan to pay attention cautiously to her plan and make no mistake this time. Yug tells Rupa he can not recognize if that is Kahani or an imposter. The episode ends with Iravati wondering she has to do so now.