Yug reveals to Kahani he cherishes her a ton and he needs to go through the entirety of his time on earth with her battling and adoring. Yug tells today I am requesting your consent to wed me. Kahani reveals to it really is great my mascara was waterproof or everything may have destroyed. Kahani discloses to I love you a lot,I am yours and you don’t need to take authorization for anything for me.

Yug puts sindoor in Kahani’s maang. Yug tells my family’s mangalsutra is with Gunjan however this mangalsutra with everybody’s favoring and love is for you and puts it around Kahani’s neck. Yug and Kahani complete the process of taking feras and embrace one another. Saroj acquires awareness and tells where is Yug. Gunjan advises Yug went with police to distinguish some dead body. The scene closes with Saroj thinking she realizes where is Yug however she will not allow the family to pay for his mix-up.