The scene begins with Kahani sitting tight for Yug in mandap. The visitors begin talking perhaps the lucky man discovered that she is an artist so he will not come. Gunjan and grandma prevents Yug from leaving the emergency clinic. Kahani stands up and tells Yug will not come and this marriage will not occur. Kahani advises I was a numb-skull to fall head over heels in love for Yug again and trust him again,she begins tossing her bangles. She advises the Pandit to revile her that she will not dream again,she will not begin to look all starry eyed at again and that Yug never comes infront of her. She advises everybody to eat prior to leaving and starts leaving the mandap.

Yug calls her and she pivots as Oo Sajanva begins playing in BM. Yug wipes Kahani’s tears and reveals to I disclosed to you I will come. Flashback shows police officer calling Yug to police headquarters and he leaves with her. Yug holds Kahani’s hands and strolls towards mandap. Flashback shows it was Rani’s arrangement to call the police officer for aiding Yug.

Yug gets Kahani’s bangles and makes her wear them. He advises to start the marriage customs. Rani brings laurels for Yug and Kahani. Yug and Kahani trade laurels with Oo Sajanva playing in BM. Panditji begins perusing the mantras and advises Yug to put sindoor. Yug advises he needs to say something,he tells he has gained from youth that there are two kinds of individuals in life great individuals and artist on the grounds that my dad left my mom for an artist and afterward Raunak chose to leave Rupa for Kahani I put the whole fault on her without speculation anything. Yug discloses to I wedded strongly and I was unable to see her tears,her love for Lucky and Rani.

Yug tells even I put sindoor in her maang forcefully,I turned out precisely like my sibling. He expresses gratitude toward Kahani and advises you are different,you opened my eyes. My mom and Gunjan would be annoyed with my marriage yet I am directly in my eyes since I can see it. Everybody applauds Yug.Read more……..