Gunjan asks Yug how is it possible that he would do this? Yug tells he adores Kahani and holds Kahani’s hand. He discloses to Gunjan he is unfortunately he can’t live without Kahani. Yug educates he was regarding to advise this to everybody. Yug reveals to Saroj you requested that I avoid the house so I was sneaking with regard to the house with Kahani however today I will leave before everybody for eternity. Rupa discloses to Yug you can’t take off from the house this way. Yug advises Rupa to deal with herself and he educates whatever he came clean with concerning Iravati was and in the event that they would prefer not to trust it is their choice. The scene closes on stunned face of Iravati.

Gunjan discloses to Kahani hijacked you and now she will not return here. Kahani tells how could this occur? Yug inquires as to whether she is alright? He asks her how could she get injured? Kahani embraces Yug. Saroj tells will this show get over or not? Raunak advises them to leave one another. Kahani inquires as to whether he is alright?

Raunak tells they are getting excessively heartfelt. Gunjan isolates Yug and Kahani and tells quit acting, first you hijacked Yug and now you are doing this dramatization. The scene closes with Yug inquiring as to for what reason is everybody revealing to Kahani captured me and him not recollecting that anything ? Read More…..