Dadi picks the papers. She stops Iravati. Iravati says yes? She says my DIL went out. Do you have any sense what’s happening in the house? Watch out for girl and SIL. She tosses the legal documents all over. Saroj sees the papers. She’s stunned. Everybody comes there. Iravati sees the papers. Kahani remains on a corner. Iravati says Rupa and Roank are getting separated? Ronak is terrified. Iravati inquires as to whether you leave my girl, I won’t leave you. Dadi says don’t compromise my child. She says I rebuff, don’t undermine. Saroj says we should clear it first. Rupa, Ronak mention to us what is this? What turned out badly? I told everybody you are Ram and Sita. Yugi says bhabhi maa, it would be ideal if you come clean with us. Gunjan says what happened didi? Saroj says Rupa please say something. She asks Ronak, advise us. Dadi says say it. Rupa says the explanation is his… Iravati is going to choke Ronak. Rupa stops her and says I was thinking yet it isn’t. I committed an error. I had an uncertainty on him yet it wasn’t correct. The misconception went so far that it went to separate. He continued advising me didn’t do anything other than I constrained him to sign the papers. Ronak loves me a ton and his heart is unadulterated. Ronak says yes. Unadulterated. Rupa says I needed to wed him again and apologize for this wrongdoing. Iravati says so much occurred and you didn’t advise me? Ronak says she had counterfeit questions on me so she was humiliated. However, I have excused her. Yug says you are lying bhabhi. For what reason did you protect this paper? She says I was going to consume them at the wedding. Rupa destroys it and says for what reason to defer it. He takes a gander at Ronak. Saroj swoons. Dadi says would you say you are alright? She says you frightened me. Rupa says to Iravati excuse me. She says advise me if there is any issue. Saroj says everybody commits errors. My Rupa can never disappear from my Ronak. Advise me if there’s anything. I’m your mother. Dadi says to Kahani what are you doing here?

Yug stops Ronak. He says reveal to me two things. When did Rupa become more acquainted with about Kahani? Furthermore, she didn’t educate me regarding legal documents, OK. Yet, for what reason isn’t that right? He says would you say you are, my spirit? She discovered and separate was significant. In the event that I advised you, you would need to murder me. I persuaded your bhabhi maa so she’s prepared to wed me once more. All is great at this point. How about we appreciate the capacities.

Iravati says Rupa you saved Ronak other I would.. Patanga gets up. He comes out. He says I need to disclose to you something significant. She says I don’t converse with futile workers. He says Rupa and Ronak are getting separated. She says we as a whole know. It was old. Rupa had misconstrued. Patanga no, you have misconstrued. It’s new. They got separated from today. Iravati says how would you know? He says they endorsed before me after haldi. Iravati says what? He says yes. She says I won’t leave you if this is obviously false. He says it isn’t. I was going to tell everybody except Ronak blacked out and secured me in the store. I will tell everybody. Iravati says you won’t tell everybody. I will deal with it. It’s about my girl. Proceed to act secured in the store.

Paranga returns to the store and claims to black out. He says my sibling is so smart, he tore the duplicate. I have the first papers. Patanga hears it and says Ronak, Iravati realizes how to play her game. You will pay for this transgression.

Kahani considers Lucky and Rani. She cries and holds her key. Yug comes in. He says there is a spot for anklets in respectable houses, not ghungros. They are kicked out. Leave. She says tune in. He says Kahani (story) is phony regardless of whether it’s actual. My sibling thought of you as genuine, you nearly destroyed their home. In the event that you stay here you will break it. Leave. He hauls her out. Kahani’s key falls. She says I need to pick that key. She says it’s significant for me. Yug says you need to leave it’s significant for my family. She says you just consider yourself and your family. I feel the torment as well. At the point when we lose something, we additionally feel the agony. I won’t leave without taking what’s significant for me. She holds his collar. Rupa comes there. She says what was the deal? Yug says she’s finished with her dance. Rupa says she will pursue the wedding. Go to your room Kahani. Kahani picks the key. Rupa says I realize you are harmed. It was old. Kindly fail to remember it. What’s more, consider your wedding as it were.

Amma comes to Saroj and says I realize you are stressed. Everything is arranged. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred. Amma says regardless of whether a man cheats, there’s some deficiency in the spouse. At the point when a kite falls, it’s the string’s deficiency. Juhi comes and says mummy please grin. Try not to be enthusiastic. Read More….