Namak Ishq Ka 28th January 2021 Written Update

Rupa says legal documents? Ronak says I have marked, you excessively sign also. Rupa gets weepy. She signs them. Patanga sees them and says for what reason is Rupa marking legal documents? Ronak expresses profound gratitude for marking the legal documents. Patanga drops things. He says bhabhi.. You are separating? Rupa chuckles. Ronak says we were kidding. Patanga says I am not a dolt. You’re wedding and getting separated. Rupa says tune in.. Quiet down. He says I won’t.

I came here to give the blessing I got shocked myself. He leaves. Patanga comes ground floor. He goes to his better half and says it’s something vital. She says I have a great deal of work and leaves. Saroj comes. She additionally goes to work. Patanga says I am attempting to talk. Cart says he’s kidding regarding sentiment once more. They leave. Kahani wheezes. She has a virus. Kahani reviews Yug saved her. She says one day or other somebody will discover. Patanga goes to her and says nobody tunes in to me here. Individuals think I am an imbecile. Kindly hear me out. Ronak is wedding Rupa on one side and he requested that she sign legal documents. Kahani is stunned.


He says it’s stunning right? Everybody messes with me. Nobody was tuning in. If you don’t mind tell everybody. They would hear you out. Kahani says how might I.. He says please come. He takes her ground floor. Patanga says come please didi. He says Yug.. Patanga says Kahani needs to reveal to you something. If it’s not too much trouble advise him. Rupa and Ronak come there too. Kahani takes a gander at them. Yug says mention to me what’s going on here? Patanga says let me advise you. Saroj says Yug.. Your dadi and Juhi came. Patanga says to Kahani for what reason didn’t you tell? Ronak says accompany me Patanga. Dadi and Juhi come. She snaps a picture of the house. Saroj says I trust you came without any problem.


She says I wouldn’t fret little trobles. She asks Ravat still here? Saroj says Barki didi is Iravati, not Ravat. Iravati says you’re a senior else I would remind you my name. Dadi says the house my child Rishikant made resembles a house from an external perspective and a shelter. Such countless things are inside the house, open air things don’t glance great in the home. Iravati says it’s the old stuff that annoys you. They make commotion. Right, Saroj? Saroj says come Yug meet dadi. He meets and embraces her. Dadi offers gifts to Gunjan. Ronak carries Patanga to aside. He says I disclosed to Kahani everything. Ronak says she knew everything as of now. Patanga says what’s going on? I will tell everybody. Ronak swoons him.

Rupa says what’s happening with you? Patanga swoons. Kahani says how did you respond? he says didn’t kick the bucket. He will remain like this till I am hitched. Saroj says Amma, where is Juhi? Juhi pops confetti and says I am here. She meets Saroj. Saroj says my child, how are you? You have gotten so feeble. She embraces and meets Yug and Gunjan. She says where are Ronak and Rupa? Iravati says welcome to our home. Ronak says shroud him some place. Dadi comes in and says what are you doing there? Ronak contacts her feet. He sees Patanga’s head. He focuses to Kahani. Kahani remains before him. Dadi says God keep you both favored. Juhi says to Ronak your adoration is a model.


Individuals in our age keep making up and separating. Gunjan holds Yug’s hand and says love just happens once. Dadi asks Kahani who right? Rupa says she illuminates the satisfaction. Iravati says tell straightforwardly, she’s an artist. Rupa says yes. Yet, she saved my life too. Dadi comes to Kahani. She’s terrified somebody may see Patanga. Kahani contacts her feet. Dadi ventures back. Dadi says the family is given endowments not market individuals. Take care of your job and leave. Saroj says amma how about we go in, get new. Saroj requests that Dolly set food. Juhi meets Kahani. Ronak says go get new. Ronak carries Patanga to store. Kahani says what was his shortcoming? For what reason did you do this to him? Ronak says for what reason would you say you are concerned for him? She says you’re sickening. you abducted my kin, harming Ronak and did this to Patanga..

I’m just defenseless on account of Lucky and Rani in any case.. Rupa comes in. She says would you say you are compelled to wed him? What were you saying? Your meaning could be a little clearer. She takes a gander at Ronak. Ronak says I constrained so she can take cash from me and teach her sister and treat her sibling. I needed to constrain her to take my assistance. Read More…


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